Women in Business – Gender Equality in Management

In this article I’ll tell you about Women in Business – Gender Equality in Management. Women are making advancements in the corporate world, but they are also taking matters into their own hands and providing themselves with full-time incomes by starting their own successful businesses. It is not uncommon today to see many women giving business presentations and offering their professional services to both the public and large corporations alike.

Women in Business - Gender Equality in Management

According to the United Nations, “there were as many women in the workplace as men in 2000; twenty-five percent of households are headed by women; and women generally make only three-quarters the pay of their male counterparts.” From these few numbers, we can see that while women are major factors in daily life and ultimately the business sector, they nonetheless have obstacles to overcome.

In fact, providing women with the same opportunities as men is so important around the world that each year since 1911 International Women’s Day has been celebrated as a national holiday in some countries, and recognized with special events in scores of other countries. Additionally, the plight of some women is so dire, and has not significantly improved, that gender equality is one of the Millennium Development Goals.

Indeed, female students are more prevalent today in business schools, and women regularly establish careers in the business world. In poorer countries, organizations have been developed to help women start their own businesses and to make available the necessary resources to enable women to move forward.

By empowering these capable women, the fruits of their labor is not self-contained, but when she hires other women, she increases the value and the personal worth of those women in her community, too. Thus, the neighborhood as a whole benefits. Because their mothers are part of the business, the children have a better start in life.

In industrialized countries, women in business are pioneering new products and filling niches that are too small for large corporations to consider, they work best at peo company. As society moves back to an era where they crave personal attention and excellent customer service, small businesses started by women are that much more important. Women are finding ways to raise their children and be successful entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, although women have made exceptional strides, the ugly heads of chauvinism and discrimination still rear themselves into the forefront of progress. As we saw earlier in this article, all around the world women are being paid less, and they are being treated differently just because they were born female. Women still do not have the same advantages as men in most circumstances.

And while we do not agree with women being held back, we do understand that the reasons for standing in their way are steeped in tradition and history. No-one ever expected women to rise to the executive levels. Even when women received the right to vote, many people were not thinking about women leading in the business world.

Despite the hurdles, however, ordinary women, everyday, beat the path of entrepreneurship, and push all their efforts to making a life for themselves in the business world. They want something more for their families and are willing to do what is necessary. As a result, women will be one of the keys to the future of global business.

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