Women And Business In India

In the article I’m going to tell you about Women And Business In India. Whenever the thought of venturing into other foreign markets for business purposes crosses your mind, make sure that you also first think of research. This is due to the fact that not all markets are the same and as such, it is important that you identify the special needs that are a preserve of each market. India is no different and it is in fact more complicated due to the fact that culture plays an integral role when talking business. It has a direct impact on your business because it is part of their lives.

Women And Business In India

India’s economy has undergone a tremendous transformation since independence in nineteen forty seven. Business opportunities have come up, the Indian business fraternity has grown massively in such a way modern support industries, and services now exist. In the modern day world, women have risen up from their being home maker roles and have now taken up businesses in India. Coupled with education, women are currently running some of India’s largest companies, those that have made a significant impact in the country’s business fraternity.

Even after this great contribution in the Indian business fraternity, there are few if any documented statistics regarding women indulgence in businesses. However, it is important to note that most women in India still live under the strict restrictions of culture and as such, those who have not been exposed enough only end up carrying out tasks that are in line with their household chores. It is quite surprising to learn that the percentage of women in the informal business sector is quite considerable. This is not to mean that women cannot engage in some of the formal types of businesses.

Critical financial risks characterize those women who work in some of India’s informal businesses since they are not in positions to get themselves facilities such as loans. Debts are the major cause of poverty among Indian women since in most cases; a host of household needs often takes up the small salaries they get. Again, due to cultural inhibitions, an Indian woman who is in business does not have any financial control over her cash. This is because she is supposed to lay the money on the table and give the husband an upper hand in deciding how and where the cash will be used.

Culture plays a significant role in determining the active participation of women in business ventures and it is therefore very important to make this quite clear. Even the employed women will always find themselves in low salary cadre due to the fact that for starters, no employer wants to elevate a woman to greater heights economically. Also of importance is the fact that there are very few educated women in India. This is critical in ensuring that they get some of the best jobs.

It is important that women be engaged in economic activities on equal terms and basis with men (a term we call “Gender Equality”). This should ensure that they both participate in economy building. However, in societies where cultural restrictions inhibit women from engaging in economic activities, it leaves a lot to be desired in empowering them since even in cases where they are allowed opportunities in such, they will still be vulnerable to exploitation.

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