Why we believe women are the future of business

The article concerns the following question – Why we believe women are the future of business. Agreeably, it might sound arrogant and somewhat flippant to state that women are the future of business. We also recognize that women have not made the progress necessary to take over the business world, meaning that men would be eliminated, or that women would even become equal. But there are several worldwide trends that indicate the need for women to take the initiative and focus on business.

Why we believe women are the future of business

First, there are more impoverished women around the world than there are men. It is for the very fact of poverty that women need to take a stance and better themselves. As they try to improve the plight of themselves and their children, they become that much more important in the business world. Their small cottage industries will become significant suppliers for products and raw materials.

Second, as smaller businesses are bought out by larger corporations, it has become increasingly difficult to find competition for products and services. Companies are conglomerates, owning everything in their categories. This is not good for society, capitalism nor consumerism because everyone depends on the one company. Competition is healthy and it is the backbone of capitalistic endeavors.

Because large entities are not interested in starting up new services for what they consider relatively small and insignificant markets, women are more than willing to service these needs and grow these requests into tangible businesses. Customers have wearied of the corporate culture and are eager to find alternatives. They want improved services and they want to be treated as individuals. They like personal attention. And women are quick to listen and provide what is necessary.

Third, women in poorer communities, want not only to help themselves, but to help others in similar circumstances. Once a women is given the opportunity to improve her situation, she will invite others to join her. Now the women as a whole, in a community or family, have augmented their plight. So as one woman raises the standard of living for her family, so does she for many others like her. It then makes the country richer as well because the funds are reinvested. This behavior is most prevalent in third world nations which is why it is so important for international parties to participate in the advancement of women.

Fourth, as women become more successful in business, so do their female children. If women did not and do not continue to shape the direction of female advancement in a male world, their female children have no-one to emulate. They will continue in the belief that men are better and that males have the sole right to business positions. Today’s business women are influencing generations to come. For impoverished areas, this is a major feat because it means that their cultures and societies will change in a positive way.

Fifth, as North American culture moves away from a family with a mother and a father in the same household, women need to depend on themselves, and they cannot do it with minimum wage jobs and no benefits. It is incumbent upon them to improve by taking their rightful places in business.

To conclude this article expressing our belief that women are the future of business, we leave you with a quote from Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, in his 2003 International Women’s Day Statement:

“There is no time to lose if we are to reach the Millennium Development Goals by the target date of 2015. Only by investing in the world’s women can we expect to get there. When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life. On this International Women’s Day, I call on all of us to act with renewed urgency on that understanding.”

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