Why Relocate Your Business To Switzerland

The article concerns the question – Why Relocate Your Business To Switzerland. Switzerland is not only one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries to live in. The economic and political stability prevalent in the country makes it a favorable environment for business. In addition, Switzerland has lower tax rates than many of its neighbors, making it an attractive investment option for entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Why Relocate Your Business To Switzerland

Switzerland is well known for conforming to quality standards for all its products and services. Several multinational companies have set up their European or regional headquarters in Switzerland. If not, you are sure to find their research facilities in the region.

The country welcomes the formation of business enterprises of all sizes. Private entrepreneurs are as welcome as large corporations are. The country is divided into 26 cantons or regions which offer a wide range of business opportunities. Moreover, the country has always been business-friendly, offering a variety of benefits to businesses that set up shop in the country.

While many believe that Switzerland is only for the rich and famous, this could not be further than the truth. The overall cost of living and doing business in Switzerland is more favorable than most of its neighbors. The country has an excellent infrastructure which includes modern transportation networks, energy supplies, and waste disposal system.

Switzerland has a moderate tax system that has been designed to enhance international trade and finance. Foreign investors can avail of several tax privileges, while the country has an extensive network of treaties to avoid double taxation. In addition, the country has a large multi-lingual and qualified workforce and excellent banking facilities. Those that make a substantial investment can rest assured of receiving greater fiscal incentives.

One of the main reasons why you ought to do business in Switzerland is that an increasing amount of corporate and individual investors have shown confidence in the Swiss economy. The Swiss Franc is among the strongest currencies in the region. In addition, the Swiss government has taken all the efforts to encourage foreign direct investment in the country. This is evident from the fact that Switzerland enjoys one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. An Inflation rate below 1% and a low unemployment rate are also signs of a robust economy.

Interest rates have remained low in Switzerland which is another reason why businesses find it affordable to establish themselves in the region, and keep on developing. Moreover, the banking system offers great protection to foreign and domestic investors as well.

The manufacturing industry in the country is well supported by a skilled workforce. Over half of the production is exported around the globe which includes machines and electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, watches and jewelry, and precious metal and stones, among others. Japan and the US remain the major trading partners among the non-EU nations.

Finance plays the most important role in any business, and Switzerland is among the leading financial centers in the world. The nation is known to be a safe haven for investments with over 500 banks in its banking system. Swiss financial institutions are also respected throughout the business world in areas such as asset management, foreign exchange trading, and private banking.

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