Why Register A Trademark

The article concerns the question – Why Register A Trademark. There are many answers to this question. First is the fact that registering a trademark intensifies the security it receives. It can dissuade others from making use of your trademark as well as increase the solution should someone contravene upon your trademark. It is in fact well safeguarded by the federal and common law. Further illustrating the issue of security, trademark registration protects a company’s logo or name. With it, you can acquire a worldwide or nationwide mark ownership.

Why Register A Trademark

When you have registered a trademark, you are assured that you have an identity, which stands uniquely inseparable from your products and services. Registering practically confirms its validity. How can a trademark be registered? You can choose to register a trademark by yourself or with the help of an attorney, which is rather costly.

Therefore, registering it yourself can help you save money. Registering a trademark can be a costly and lengthy process. While it is smart to use a lawyer, you do not have to do so. If you are ready to explore and are able to file paperwork carefully, then you can enlist your trademark without the help of a lawyer.

When filing for registration without and attorney, the first step you have to do is check if there is an existing trademark on the same name or design. To do this, you can go either to your country’s Patent and trademark office or through their website.

Once you have made sure that there are no trademark duplications, you can now make a brief description of your products and services. This explanation should be very specific and well detailed according to your trademarks specifications. These descriptions are very vital because your application can be rejected without it. Most trademark screening offices usually provide a guideline for trademark descriptions.

After describing your trademark, you can now decide on a representation. This means that you can choose from standard characters without designs or a designed graphic or symbol. When you are finished describing and choosing your format, you are now ready to file for an application. You can choose to file online or actual paper application.

Concerning registration fees, it differs according to what trademark class you prefer to register. Online trademarks costs variedly from a print newsletter mark. If you have done everything mentioned above, you can now pass or submit your application for registration.

Once you have filed and submitted your application, you are already free to wait for an approval from the trademark approval sector of your country. If your application will be approved after a few months, you will receive a notice of publication. This signifies that your approved trademark should be published in local or national newspapers so that other people can judge or oppose to your trademark.

If no one opposes to it after thirty days you will gain a certificate of registration after another few months. This is the official documentation of your trademark’s registration. Although registering can be a long process especially without a lawyer, you can save money and learn form the process itself.

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