Why not to study online for your business degree

The article concerns the question – Why not to study online for your business degree. With the advent of the internet, new things can be done online. You can set up an online business, converse with people across the world instantly, even do your Christmas shopping. It’s not surprising; therefore, that education has been advanced via the use of the internet.

Why not to study online for your business degree

Business degrees that used to requires years at a physical college campus can be earned from the comfort of our homes, in our spare time, fitting right in with our existing schedules. It might sound amazing but a lot of negatives exist with this particular method of study.

Firstly the internet is notorious for scams. Anyone can set up a website on the internet, and make any claims they like, with no immediate difficulty, or repercussions. For this reason, a great many online “institutions”, that offer business degrees to unsuspecting individuals, are nothing more than a scam to get “tuition” money and disappear. Such scams swindle thousands of hopefuls every year but are, usually, not too hard to spot.

Apart from such outright scams, numerous online institutions exist with every intention of preparing students for careers in the business world. Such institutions may even offer instruction that is just as good as traditional colleges. Unfortunately, a great many of these institutions are not accredited, by a recognized body, making their business degrees next to useless.

Even those online institutions that do have good programs, and are accredited, can still be looked down on by employers due to the stigma associated with online degrees. These employers are slow to recognizing that the quality of study attained online may be just as good as that attained on an actual college campus.

This bias can keep bright professionals from jobs they are more than qualified to handle, simply because of how they earned such qualifications. Naturally, you don’t want to spend your time, and money, on a degree that has little real world use.

In addition to issues with degree quality, online instruction may not be as good as being in a classroom, with an actual lecturer, who you can ask to clarify points, and explain topics further, as they are being discussed. This luxury is not afforded to most students of online institutions – a distinct disadvantage.

While studying online for your business degree is not entirely bad, it comes with a wide array of difficulties, during, and after, completion, that can negate the convenience boasted by such technologically enhanced methods of study.

If you do decide to pursue this method anyway, be sure to check that the business degree you earn will be acceptable to a variety of employers, will make you marketable, and will make you eligible for relevant promotions, before you waste your time, effort, and money on such a venture.

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