Why do women perform better than men in business?

The article concerns the question – Why do women perform better than men in business? Indeed, there are many instances were women are clearly known to perform better than men. And it is no secret why. In fact, there are basic reasons for the female gender to outperform her male counterpart.

Why do women perform better than men in business

First, many women tend to be detail oriented. They see a project through from conception to completion. That is not to say that men cannot finish something they start, but it does mean that women are better at “dusting off the cobwebs” and tying up all the loose ends. Historically, women were always good at penmanship.

Their hand writing was better and today this trait translates into other areas such as completing reports. Women will focus on the minutia, and men tend to look at things in a global fashion, providing what they think are the most important points, rather than answering all the questions in full.

Second, women tend to be nurturers which makes them good managers, excellent employee trainers, and motivational coaches. Because the majority of women have the motherhood instinct, they generally like to help others. They spend the necessary time making sure subordinates understand the job and know how to complete the functions.

Third, women perform better because they have to. It is commonly understood that women require more education and much more experience than men. It is also everyday practice in business to place higher expectations and productivity requirements on female managers. Men are generally pushed through the system with lower credentials than women. Most businesses are still male oriented and the “boys’ club” still exists. For a woman to get ahead, she must significantly surpass the man’s accomplishments.

Fourth, science has shown that women transfer data faster than men do from the left side of the brain to the right. As a result, it means women are better at multi-tasking. In addition, this allows women more flexibility. Women tend not to be bothered by being assigned multiple tasks, and tasks that are not part of their job descriptions. More often than not, they “go with the flow”. Women do not speak up, they just get on with it and do it.

Fifth, along the same lines as number two where women are nurturers, many female managers prefer to build. They enjoy the consensus of the team and are looking for continuity in the group. Men, on the other hand, prefer to win, and view the act of soliciting or accepting opinions as a weakness on their parts. They feel that as managers they have to be seen as knowing everything, otherwise, others might think they are not effective leaders.

Sixth, women ask more questions, and are not afraid to obtain clarification on a project. Men want to give answers, they do not want to make inquiries. Further, women tend to be able to delegate and let go of specific functions. They offer the praise and rewards to others in return for completing the tasks.

In conclusion, even though there are many examples of where women outperform men, a female’s style of management is considered less than business-like, to the point of weakness. Men in superior positions view these traits as hindrances, and feel that women should improve, when in fact many studies have concluded that women are substantially more equipped at running a business especially because of these features.

Author’s Note – We recognize that the above comments appear to be generalizations, that not everyone fits into the same mold. But, at the same time, all of these aforementioned traits have been the subject of many professional studies as well as scientific research and do show validity.

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