What qualities make for a good CEO?

The article concerns the question – What qualities make for a good CEO? In the midst of the financial turmoil all over the world over the past year, many people have begun to wonder just what qualities make for a good Chief Executive Officer. Many people believe that qualities such as flexibility and the ability to work with a team are traits not likely seen in a good CEO. Alternatively, those who possess qualities such as organization and an uptight and often compulsive behavior typically thrive as heads of major corporations.

What qualities make for a good CEO

Most commonly seen in CEOs are qualities such as a strong desire for success and a keen intellect as well as the energy needed to drive themselves forward. Many leaders lack the energy needed to propel them into success. Heading a major corporation is not for the weak or the weak of heart.

A lot of energy is needed as well as intellect which has less to do with formal education and more to do with the skills to understand opportunity on a more “street smart” level. Experts typically agree that intellect may be the main quality in a good CEO because these men and women have the foresight to handle not only the minor frustrations of business but also the insight to pull corporations out of major troubles.

Passion is also a quality that CEOs must possess in order to be successful. Passion to build a company that will maintain its status and the ability to make tough calls and communicate those decisions are vital in good CEOs.

Finally, although it may seem otherwise at times, integrity is a major qualification for good CEOs. Leaders who are honest allow others to understand their decisions as well as the reasoning behind those decisions. Followers are much more likely to trust a CEO who shows integrity in daily business as well as in their personal lives.

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