What is Wealth?

The article concerns the question – What is Wealth? Wealth is an important concept, it is what allows us to live the lifestyle we want to live and it is what will allow us to retire. Therefore it is important to understand exactly what wealth is. There are quite a few misconceptions about what constitutes wealth and this can lead a lot of people into financial difficulties.

What is Wealth

Really wealth is simply your net worth, that is your assets minus your liabilities. It is a simple concept but it is one that needs to be understood. A lot of people overestimate their wealth and this can lead to a whole host of financial troubles down the road.

Wealth is nothing more than the amount of the assets that we possess. This is a very simple concept but it still confuses people. The biggest source of confusion is that in order to determine how much wealth you have you need to discount any debts you have. For example it is all well and good to say that you own a home worth three hundred thousand dollars but that doesn’t mean that the house contributes that much to your wealth.

If you have a mortgage that still has two hundred thousand dollars on it then your wealth from your home would be only one hundred thousand dollars. Credit card debt especially problematic in this regard since it has led a lot of people to believer that they have more wealth than they actually do.

The normal measure of somebody’s wealth is their net worth. To calculate this you are going to want to add up your assets and your liabilities and subtract the liabilities from the assets. This will tell you your net worth which is an indication of your wealth.

A lot of people actually overestimate their wealth, mainly because they have to estimate the value of a lot of their assets. For example in order to determine your net worth you would need to estimate the value of your home, there is a lot of room to fudge this number. It may make you feel better to put a high value on your home and increase your net worth but it really will just mislead you.

The best way to grow your wealth is to manage your money properly and to invest it in las vegas real estate. The first thing that you need to do is to get your spending under control and get your debts paid off. Nothing is going to hurt your wealth more than having credit card debt. Because of the high interest charged on credit cards they will very quickly start to decrease your wealth if you are carrying a lot of credit card debt.

As for investing a balanced portfolio that provides for steady growth without exposing you to too much risk is the best way to grow your wealth. It won’t happen overnight and making high risk investments in the hopes that it will rarely works out.

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