Website Usability Consulting

The article gives you some information on Website Usability Consulting. A website usability consultant is important because of their job. Your website can look pretty and have tons of great content but if it’s not “user friendly” people won’t stay on your site for very long. Your website usability can have a direct effect on your sales and this is very important to your bottom line and your profits.

Website Usability Consulting

Website usability consultants can show you what you need to do to make your website the most user friendly that it can be. One important aspect is scrolling up and down. Your site should only need to be scrolled down once or twice tops. If your user has to keep scrolling down and down to see the content it will become annoying fast and they will want to “x” your site out or close it out and probably not ever come back. Once you loser a website visitor due to frustration of usability it is rare that they come back.

Another aspect of website usability consultants and their job is how friendly is your purchasing area? Can they easily click to purchase an item on your website and go through the cart process with ease and user friendliness? You do not want your customers to get frustrated on their check out process and then x out of your website and go to your competition instead because their website is more user friendly. If everything is fast and easy for the purchasing process you are doing well to take care of this important part of your website customer’s experience.

Another website usability issue that is important is the font and general writing and colors on your website. If you have bright pink on a black background, it may look pretty for a moment, but then it will begin to hurt your eyes if you are trying to read everything. This is so important. You want the colors to flow nicely and not hurt your visitors eyes when they are looking at your website and trying to concentrate on reading information.

You also want the font and general writing to all make sense and are easily readable. The font should not be too fancy and the writing should not have a lot of grammar or spelling mistakes because that will be confusing and look to the consumer as though you don’t know what you’re doing. This is imperative to your website’s survival and the website usability consultant can truly help an ebusiness owner make their website the best that it can possibly be and the best for its customers to encounter.

The website usability consultant touches on how much you have to scroll up and down the page, whether your shopping and purchasing area is user friendly and easy to use for even the novice computer user, that your font and writing are all squared away and making perfect sense to the consumer so you seem truly knowledgeable and top company to purchase from in your ebusiness market.

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