Visa Credit Cards

Visa Credit Cards are offered by Visa Credit Card Company that has been in business for decades. Visa has tie up with major financial institutions and banks and offer credit cards to consumers. VISA is the acronym for Visa International Service Association and it has its head quarters in San Francisco, California USA. Many major banks offer visa credit and debit cards to all their consumers that can be used at retail establishments for making payments or at ATMs for drawing cash. Visa Cards can be used wherever the Visa logo is displayed.

Visa Credit Cards

Visa has incorporated many key features in their credit cards that make them entirely fraud proof as customer identification and verification becomes mandatory. Visa credit cards are some of the most sought after cards by majority of consumers as it finds worldwide acceptance at almost all business establishments. Visa is one of the major credit card issuers who have a variety of cards to suit the needs of different customers.

If you are looking for a Visa Card then check their website online where you will find compete details about each card and making comparisons is easy. After comparing the different cards you can make an online application that’s totally secure. When the process is complete you will receive your credit card. Given below are the highlights of some top Visa Credit cards and what they offer in terms of rewards, interest rate and other charges.

Capital One No Hassle Miles Rewards: This is an excellent card for frequent flyers for it offers 1 mile dollar for every dollar spent for a maximum of $1000 spent every month. For purchases above $1000 it is 2 miles per dollar. Your earned miles can be accrued with no expiry date. For purchase up to September 2010, there is 0%APR. The regular APR comes into effect after this period. There is no annual fee and balance transfers are allowed. This is touted as an excellent card from Visa.

Slate from Chase: This card from Visa ensures protection against fraud. Consumers can be relieved if their cards are misplaced or stolen. There is no annual fees and comes with 0% APR that lasts for a year after which the interest rat is nominal. Consumers are provided email and text alerts on usage of cards.

Capital One Orbitz Visa Platinum: This card enables customers to avail of 3 points per dollar spent on booking made through – and even get discount rates on specific kinds of payday loans. All other purchases are eligible for 1 point for every dollar spent. The points can be accrued and there’s no expiry date for them. These points can be redeemed for purchase of air line tickets, gifts and other merchandise. There’s no annual fee to the card. People with excellent credit score can apply for this card.

MTV Visa Card From Capital One: This card enables consumers to earn 5 points for dollar spent on movie tickets, video games rentals, buying tickets for sporting events and music. Use it at restaurants and fast food joints and earn 2 points for every dollar spent. All other purchase will earn 1 point per dollar. If you make payments regularly then you get an additional 25 bonus points. No annual fee and a 0% introductory APR is offered for card users till September 2010.

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