Understanding The Mindset Of Russians

The article touches upon the issue of Understanding The Mindset Of Russians. Any person who wants to start a business would definitely want to be successful. So what do you think is the first step in climbing the ladder to success? Well, you have a lot of choices like finding a partner, investment, infrastructure, etc.

Understanding The Mindset Of Russians

The top most priority will be given to- finding a partner. Once you have found out a partner, the basic thing is to understand their mindset. Russian businessmen are generally hard to convince. They may have different mindsets when they are about have a business meet. So to be successful in Russia the most important thing would be to understand their mindset.

So how do we understand the mindset of these Russian businessmen? Some of the mindsets of these people are discussed below. Whenever you are stuck in a situation where no significant work or action is done, don’t ever blame the Russian people. They have the basic style of doing things only in the time of crisis. They are proud of themselves and their culture and anything said in an insulting way would become a disgrace to them.

Their concept of time is becoming like the Americans which is like- Money is time. This looks quite contradictory to what was stated in the above paragraph but that’s the fact. They are quite discrete in their timelines and when things are not going that fast, stick with your patience as the old saying “Patience is Virtue” really works out here. Their decision making is totally different from the western world. They take their decisions in a peculiar manner. It is often said that the decision is taken in favor of the person who wears a good outfit rather than the person who seems to be wise.

There is nothing that is as significant as connections or in other words contacts. Russians like to be respected and people never forget favors. Thus building and maintaining contacts will always be helpful in this country. Another interesting fact that should be understood about Russians is that they are very patriotic. They trust their own system no matter what.

Even in times of crisis they stick to their system of etiquette. Modern Russia has been imbibed to learn and adopt the western strategy without forgetting the basic messianic faith that Russia knows the best. This mixed policy gives them a stronger edge while making decisions pertaining to any situation that may exist in business.

The last characteristic of the Russian mindset is the non-ubiquitous consumption. The people of Russia do not consume each and every brand that they probably come across. In Russia the preference is always given to the top brands and they follow the theory of leisure class.

Thus by keeping all these points in mind, we can clearly to a certain extent understand the mindset of the Russians and attain success in business. Thus the door of success is impending when you are the king of mind games. Understanding the mindset of your customer base is the first step towards establishing a successful enterprise.

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