Tips & Advice For Setting Up A Business In France

In this article I’ll tell you about Tips & Advice For Setting Up A Business In France. If you plan to start a business in France, you may be looking for some tips and advice. To begin with, you ought to seek professional advice on the legal and tax aspects of forming a business in France. There are a number of tax exemptions, credits, and relief for new businesses set up in France. Setting up a business in specific locations may make you eligible for tax breaks. Hiring staff through the unemployment exchange can fetch you tax concessions. The local Chambre de Commerce will have all the information regarding these rules and regulations.

Tips & Advice For Setting Up A Business In France

The National Agency for Employment, Agence Nationale pour l’Emploi ANPE, offers two year exemptions on social security contributions for those who register with ANPE when planning a business. It would be advisable to set aside enough capital to cover up for the initial costs that include phone bills and fuel costs. A total of a year’s worth of expenses is recommended. In addition, you need to ensure that you have the funds before you start your business. You may tend to underestimate distances if you lived in countries like the UK. Therefore, make sure you plan your travel well and keep enough expenses aside.

Hiring the services of a French-based accountant would be a wise decision. They are well versed with French laws and would be in a better position to advice you on what legal structure of business you ought to adopt. There are many other professional organizations that offer help for the self-employed. The Chambre de Commerce – Chamber of Commerce, and the mairie – town hall are also valuable sources of information about setting up a business in France.

In rural areas, you will find a great willingness among the authorities to guide you in setting up your business since you will be having an impact on the economy of the area. The Chambre de Commerce staff also have a professional approach and will be able to provide you with adequate advice. They include a professional business support team who are expert at providing information on starting a business in France.

The French government recently launched the l’ auto-entrepreneur system that is designed to help small businesses financially & reduce their tax burden and the financial costs involved. Social charges have been made more affordable. Small businesses are charged a percentage of their turnover for French income tax and social charges. The system also aims at reducing the paperwork involved in setting up a small business in France. In the system, limits are placed on an annual turnover of €80,000 for commercial businesses and €32,000 for service professionals.

The new system is beneficial for self-employed individuals that include retirees looking to earn some extra income. In addition, small businesses that adopt the system will not be liable to pay social charges until they generate income. Small businesses are exempt from French business tax for the first three years, which is a great tax advantage for setting up a business in France. Registration is a simple process, with the minimum of formalities. Moreover, you have three months from the date of commencement of your business, which allows you ample time to concentrate on your business plans.

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