Tips About Business In Italy

This article is about Tips About Business In Italy. Where ever you plan to have business, learning the culture, traditions and language of that place is very essential. These thing matters a lot if you are really serious about your business and it could just prove to be the key to success for you. This also applies in Italy.

Tips About Business In Italy

Just like you prepare yourself before an examination or a big meeting, similarly it is important for you to be prepared by understanding the Italian customs, traditions and the protocols being implemented there. Italy is known for its approach towards individualism and the people over there also pay attention towards family responsibilities.

Italians are not good cooperating with strangers, they prefer doing business with someone they know or they have been introduced to in the past. It is suggested that you should use your existing contacts and social network as an introduction or as reference before you attempt to set up any meeting. After the introduction is done, you should write a letter in Italian about the future plans. Using Italian is an asset and it makes the people of Italy have more faith on you.

After you are done with the letter thing you should contact the person by call or email. Ensure that you have done the necessary things before planning a meeting. You must try to avoid the meetings in the month of august as it’s a hectic time because most of the employees go off for the summer holidays. So you may try to get it done before July otherwise your work may be delayed for few months and this is never desired.

After the meeting is fixed, the next thing that you need to bother is the dress you wear. Italians are very much impressed by the dress you put on. Men can go for expensive branded designer suits along with matching ties. To add to this they can have some accessories like tie clips, cuff links and good looking attractive wrist watches.

Women should choose an outfit that should look simple and decent and can add accessories accordingly. What you are wearing will send a clear message about what kind of person you are. Your dress will speak out for you and will leave a good impression if you choose a good dress.

Now is the turn for your professional skills. You must have all your business material and presentations if any in place and they must be pleasing for your Italian business associates. Good manners, dining skills and communication skills are essential when you are looking to impress Italians. Shaking hands with your associates on arrival and departure is expected from your side. Italians believe to be close with the people they know, so freely expression of your feelings is common.

Trying to move away or maintaining distance can be termed unfriendly and shows your disinterest in them. As Italians express themselves freely, they also expect you to do the same. It’s not only the business that you are dealing with when you deal with Italians, it’s their trust. So maintain their trust for long business relationships.

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