The New Look of HR

In the article it is spoken about The New Look of HR. Companies today are reevaluating the role of their in-house human resources departments in order to streamline their processes and cut back on expenses. The human resources department is responsible for recruiting and selecting new members of the team, training new and current employees, managing payroll, enforcing company policy and other administrative tasks. Too often, the human resources department is perceived by CEOs as a “necessary evil.”

The New Look of HR

A survey of 235 C-level executives conducted in Europe in February 2013 by the Economist Intelligence Unit uncovered that 42% of respondents found their human resources employees as too absorbed in the processes of their responsibilities and the organization without seeing the bigger picture. Such employees place compliance first. They don’t work to improve the workplace and keep valuable employees.

Human resource outsourcing services are affordable and efficient solutions to the problems a human resources department spawns. Small and medium sized businesses that cannot hire an in-house human resources department have more freedom to focus on success and fluidity without being hindered by administrative duties when they partner up with a human resources outsourcing firm. Outsourcing payroll and compliance regulation provides those in charge of running a business with a lot more “breathing room” to dedicate to strengthening the heart of the business.

An increasing number of businesses are placing their trust in human resources outsourcing firms. These service providers employ professionals who thoroughly understand the technicalities of managing employees and excel at addressing pay and benefits-related concerns.

Some companies are sizing down their in-house teams and some are eliminating their human resources departments altogether. Businesses that outsource select services but keep an internal core of human resources functions experience the most success, as there is always a real, physical person in-house with which an employee with concerns may be speak.

Most companies do not delegate every HR-related task to outsourced firms because certain elements are better handled by the people in charge. Hiring decisions, for example, are much more successful when job seekers are directly interviewed by those who would be their direct supervisors. When hiring is left to the human resources department, the best candidates are shooed out the door.

In an experiment that involved sending 2,500 résumés to employers with or without the pictures of the candidates included, many potentially talented individuals were rejected simply because of their looks. The study found that 93% of HR staffers deciding whether a candidate should be called back for an interview were women.

Across the board, the majority of HR employees are relatively young women who are typically still in the dating market. They consistently rejected the résumés of attractive women whose pictures were included and called back handsome men for interviews.

Whether candidates with the proper enthusiasm and qualifications were called back is unknown. Using a human resource outsourcing service to balance duties is an effective way to manage any business and ensure that hiring decisions, payroll/ benefits, compliance, and all the other important administrative duties managed by HR keeps pace with the business without draining resources.

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