The evolution of tender services in pakistan

In this article I’ll tell you about The evolution of tender services in pakistan. As we all know, Pakistan is a developing country. Its economy is the 27th largest economy in terms of purchasing power and 48th country in the world in the value for USD. The economy is rising constantly because of industries such as textiles, chemicals, agriculture, food processing and other industries.

The evolution of tender services in pakistan

Though the country has been facing a lot of intermittent stages of economy due to foreign investment and growing population, the government has been able to improve on its status by framing excellent government policies. Consequently the government has produced heavy macroeconomic recovery through its reforms over the last decade. Macroeconomic projects are those projects which are capable of generating billions of revenue.

Most of the macroeconomic projects are managed by the government, so tenders are necessary to fulfill the requirements. A tender is basically defined as any offer or proposal made for acceptance as a loan, service or as a bid. Media has been playing a very important role in our lives over the decades, thus majority of the newspapers are published in daily newspapers. Since the country had more than 100 national daily newspapers, the contractors had a very difficult time finding out relevant information about the tenders that matched their categories.

At times one may tend to overlook tenders in newspapers where many are displayed or in cases where it is displayed in another paper. Keeping this as the base reason, the tender services were started in the year 1954 in Pakistan. These services were basically started to provide relevant database information about tenders involving projects to contractors in time. Thus the contractors could participate timely in the tenders and complete projects and eventually raise the country’s economy.

The tenders were generally sent through courier services. But at times these get delivered late due to unforeseeable circumstances and thus the contractors could not participate in the tenders. In order to avoid this kind of a situation, tender services were initiated online in the year 2004. Technological advancement came Pakistan’s way and they were able to report tenders online and through e-mail and mobile phone alerts.

The subscribers were also provided with the services of searching for a tender pertaining to their requirements and required category. These services have improved the chances of getting contractors more business opportunities as well as the government for generating its revenue. The web sites offered to subscribers by the tender services are contributed a lot in the economic development of the country.

Over the period of time the tender services which were established around 50 years ago, have extended their wings widespread and flown high, surpassing borders. Some of the services are: Tender alert Service, Value added service, Tender uploading services, free web pages, advertisement options, etc. By these services one can easily identify tenders. The tender services have really boomed up the Pakistan’s economy to great heights. If only the country can develop in terms of its infrastructure, it can really one day achieve the status of becoming a “developed” country.

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