The Concept of Elected CEO’s & Business Leaders

In the article it is spoken about The Concept of Elected CEO’s & Business Leaders. Over the past year to two years or so, confidence in CEOs has dropped dramatically. Business leaders today simply do not have the trust and respect that they had years ago before the economic turmoil began. CEOs today find themselves being criticized almost on a daily level and many wonder just why these business leaders have been allowed to carry on.

The Concept of Elected CEO's & Business Leaders

CEOs and business leaders must foster trust not only in their employees and company workers but in consumers as well. In order for a company to success, consumers must trust the people who are running it. The concept of electing business leaders and CEOs has been tossed around for some time now and many consumers feel that this may be the best way to avoid such things as the major economic bail-outs of the past.

CEOs passing out millions of dollars to executives while hundreds of thousands of consumers were losing their jobs only sparked the distrust that many have for business leaders. Having the opportunity to put someone in a leadership position that you know you can trust is one thing that many consumers have been fighting to see come about.

The CEO or company president typically must report to the Chairman of the Board. The problem here is that Board Chairmen and company presidents are very often on two completely different wave lengths. They are typically from two different time periods. Consumers having the opportunity to choose these leaders, the presidents and the board members, may simply revive some of the trust that has been lost in light of the past economic turmoil.

Of course, most company leaders agree that they all face the task of reversing the negativity felt by most consumers. It will take time and a lot of work on the part of business leaders before the public completely trusts the concept of leadership in large corporations. In the meantime, many believe that having the opportunity to elect these men and women will ensure that the right person is chosen for the job.

Consumers, particularly those in the United States, often feel that democracy is the best solution for most problems. Given the opportunity, the public would gladly vote and elect CEOs and business leaders, although these elections and voting responsibilities are at the moment left up to the various Boards of Directors within those very companies that consumers no longer feel they can trust.

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