Suggestions For Real Estate Agents

This article is about Suggestions For Real Estate Agents. With the bad times and bad people the work of an agent is now full of risks and danger. The past events have revealed the cases of agents being robbed and even killed while showing the site or house. So it has become extremely important for the agent to ensure his/her safety. The work of an agent involves interaction with the public many times in a day. So for ensuring the safety of an agent he should follow some safety measure.

Suggestions For Real Estate Agents

The firms involved in real estate took some very necessary steps in securing their agents from any of such bad situation. An agent should follow all the safety policies. If your firm has not yet made any policies then you should ensure your safety yourself. An agent can follow more than one step to affirm his security.

An agent should ask the customer for his/her address mobile number and landline number. Agent should cross check the person by calling on all the numbers. Address of the customer should be kept for any bad times. Always ask your customers to land to your office rather than meeting then anonymously at the site of the property. Make sure someone from your office notes the car number of the customer. This ensures safety.

Make sure someone in your office have the entire plan of your days working. He should have your plan for the day. Make some code language which the people in your office understand. This will help you inform them when you don not feel safe while showing the property. In such cases the one you called can come to your help and can even call the police if the case goes out of hand.

Always use your own vehicle. Do not go in with some one you do not know properly. If you will use your own transport a sense of safety will always relax your mind. If you are in your own vehicle with one of your customers and still feel suspicious then pull the hand brake abruptly so that the person get startled. Or just slow down and hit at a strongly fixed object showing that you have met with an accident. People will come to your rescue and you will be saved.

If the above situation is also out of your options then steadily stop the car in such a situation that the person sitting beside you can not come out. So now run out and of the car making a lot of noise so that the people around you notice you and come for help. There are many more safety tips for the real estate agents.

Always carry a mobile phone, fully charged and enabled to dial 911 or 100 by pressing just one button. It is not advisable to show the properties which are vacant. Only if you know the customer then you can safely show such properties. Carry pepper, maze and such articles which can function well like a weapon. Do not enter the room first. Let the customer enter and then you should follow.

If an agent follow these suggestions ensuring his safety he can easily come out of danger if faced in difficult circumstances. It’s not easy choosing a real estate agent, but make your decision wisely – it could save you thousands of dollars!

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