Successful Businesses In Russia

The article gives some basic information on Successful Businesses In Russia. As a man in the wide and growing field of business, you’re probably constantly thinking of ways to make your business bigger, to broaden your horizons, and of course, make much more money! As with any other field, it is always good to look at the people who have achieved greatness, and draw inspiration from them. It always helps to study the business methods of businessmen who have proven themselves time and time again to rise against the flow of negativity and discouragement.

Successful Businesses In Russia

When it comes to Russia, not many people know of the big businesses there, or whom to look up to. Considering that Russia at the moment is one of the most happening places to open up shop, that’s not a good thing. So the focus of this article is to try and create awareness on the well known business men in Russia, and their success stories.

Russian business men start to appear in the Top 100 wealthiest men in the world. And in that list of the 100 richest people, you will find one Mr. German Khan. German Khan is currently the 54th most richest man in the entire world. His wealth (at the time the list was populated) was an estimated 14 billion dollars. German Khan, was born in Ukraine, and he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISIS).

German Khan, fresh out of the institute, then started his first company in the following year. That company was Alfa Eco, which specialized in trading commodities. This company was set up with the help of his friends, and became very big.

With the explosion in business, Alfa Eco then came to be known as the Alfa Group, which spread from just commodities to telecommunication, banking, gas, oil and trading. Alfa Bank is now recognized as the biggest banking network in Russia, and its services include corporate banking, investment banking and retail. With the opening of Alfa Bank, Khan then went on to expand into insurance (Alfa Strakhovanie Group), oil and gas (Tyumen Oil corporation, which was bought over by Alfa), and more.

Khan’s latest venture has been in the telecommunication field. His company, Altimo, is now known as the market leader in telecommunication in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries.

Another well known business in Russia is Gazprom. Gazprom is the largest extractor of natural gas in the entire world. It was first a part of the Ministry of Gas during the time of the Soviet Union, but then broke off to become a corporation by itself. Gazprom’s supply system covers roughly 158 thousand kilometers of gas trunk lines. It also happens to be the largest gas supply system in the world too! Not only do they operate in Russia, but Gazprom also does prospecting work in a lot of foreign locations, such as India, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Libya, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Algeria.

Gazprom belongs to the so-called national champions; a concept advocated by former Russian president Vladimir Putin, in which large companies in important sectors are expected not only to make profit and also advance Russia’s national interests. For example, Gazprom sells gas inside Russia at a subsidy so that the social community of Russia is also benefitted, which saves them millions on strategic communication and an advantage over international competitors.

The list of companies goes on and on; to list them out would take quite some time! But these 2 corporations should give you a little insight on the Russian field.


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