Some Tips On Registering Your Trademarks

In the article I’ll tell you about Some Tips On Registering Your Trademarks. If you are starting a company that handles products or services, then creating a trademark should be part of your step. What are trademarks? A trademark creates an identity for your company. This denotes it exclusiveness thus making your company a different entity form others. A trademark is simply a logo, symbol, or a design to your liking.

Some Tips On Registering Your Trademarks

The important thing about trademarks is that it should be able to affect your target audience. A wonderful and captivating trademark means that you have a bright marketing future ahead of you. However, trademarks cannot just be made and used out of the blue. It has to be registered like every product or creation ever made.

Why do you have to register trademarks? Trademark registration makes it easier to secure a mark from those who would like to use one’s mark. The first step that you need to do before registering a trademark is you must understand what a trademark is and know the advantages of having a registered trademark.

As mentioned before, a trademark makes a distinct identity of a company, product or services. Moreover, the obvious advantage of having a registered trademark is a notice to the public of the possession and the ownership of the mark. You should also know the difference of trademark from a patent or a copyright. A patent protects an invention while a copyright protects an original artistry or any work of art.

When you have already comprehended on the basics of a trademark, you are now ready to go to your country’s Patent and Trademark Office or you can simply go its website. On the office or website you will have to search or check for any trademarks similar to what you are about to register. If there are any similarities in logo, words, or graphics then your trademark cannot be approved for application.

When your trademark is cleared from any duplicates, you can now fill up an application. You can choose to file the “use” application which is the one used if you have been using your trademark for business or commerce. Alternatively, you can file for the “intent to use application” wherein you have not yet used the trademark but have full intention for using it.

Before choosing to apply use or intent to use applications, you should also consider the qualifications of your proposed trademarks. Besides duplication, it should be able to pass other categories. Most patent and trademark offices do not register trademarks that contain local or federal government symbols, a country’s national flag, and words or insignia that belittle either dead or alive persons.

It also disapproves registration if the trademark allows mockery or ridicule in institutions, national symbols, and religion. Characters or letters that are evaluated as immoral, scandalous, or deceptive are not also registered.

After you have filed your applications along with passing its requirements, you can now submit your papers. You can wait for a few months for its final approval from the Patent and trademark office. Once it is finally approved, you can now start using it!

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