Social enterprise in pakistan

The article touches upon the issue of Social enterprise in pakistan. A social enterprise is basically defined as a company that promotes a social cause by applying the principles of market. These companies are also referred to as “Triple Bottom Line” because of their missions is linked to three basic entity gains such as social, environmental and financial gains. Nowadays the focus of the entire world being on the climate change and inequality, it is the responsibility of these social enterprises to create awareness amongst the people. It is very much necessary in developing countries like Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka.

Social enterprise in pakistan

In a country like Pakistan, where fuel resources are in abundance, the major worry is about the climate change and depletion of ozone layer due to the pollution caused by fuels. It is also predicted that this country would be facing a drastic climatic change. So for this reason only, the government of Pakistan ensures that any business which is started in the country falls into the social and environmental guidelines formed by the government. The production and manufacturing industries are the main frontline industries in Pakistan.

Thus there is an enormous scope of potential to create awareness through social enterprises that guide these industries to work in a way that will not harm the environment thereby producing high quality goods with higher prices. The corporate sector of Pakistan is able to realize the booming importance of social development and its impact on the countries growth. Thus it is now being mandatory that all the corporate sector companies should do few projects on the grounds of social responsibility.

The emergence of social enterprises have provided to a large extent, employment in different sectors such as handicrafts and cottage industries. Since these industries are facing terrible failure, the workers and artisans are hired only on a part time or a seasonal basis. Since these products do not fetch much money, the money which the people get is very less as the middle men who transport the goods locally get the majority of the minimum amount that is obtained. In order to support the family to a certain extent even women work in these industries.

Cultural heritage is to be preserved only with people of such caliber and the way the talent is wasted, it is a disgrace to the culture in Pakistan. But, on the rising side of hard work done by the social enterprises, they make sure to use the talent in different ways to produce crafts which can really give good gains by using marketing strategies. The important aspects such as quality control and market demands have to be taught to these artisans so that they get to know the market more.

Social Development is very important for a countries growth and going by the current scenario in Pakistan it is absolutely necessary that social enterprises in Pakistan can and should bring about a drastic change in the country by linking the social, environmental and economic gains. Eventually these gains will be sustainable and profitable in the longer frontline economy of Pakistan.

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