Search Engine Optimization Consulting

In the article I share what I learned about Search Engine Optimization Consulting. Search engine optimization is a very important part of your internet business and its journey into online success. Search engine optimization is what truly affects your bottom line and also in how many people will be able to find your site. Word of mouth website traffic is possible but in the longrun you are going to need website visitors from the search engines. This is where search engine consulting comes in.

Search Engine Optimization Consulting

A search engine optimization consultant will make sure you find out what keywords are important to your business website. For example, if your keyword is “computer repair” then of course your search engine optimization (SEO for short) consultant will want to make sure your website is primed and ready for this keyword.

You will also want to put a variety of other potential keywords such as “Laptop repair” and “desktop repair” in with the major keywords The search engine optimization (SEO) consultant will check the keyword density and make sure the keywords aren’t used over and over. If the keywords are used too many times, the search engine may consider this spammy and another version of “keyword cramming” and they will not give your site favorable rankings.

Your SEO consultant will make sure that this is taken care of and that your site will have proper keyword density to avoid any such spamming accusations. Your SEO consultant will also make sure that you have the proper website hosting service for your site. Your website hosting service should give you a dedicated IP address so that your site will have a high bandwidth and a very high uptime. These terms mean that you have plenty of room for all of your images and content and that users downloading your site will be able to access it quickly and without problem.

The uptime is the time your website is up and running. Your website hosting company should be able to guarantee almost 100 percent uptime and offer 24 hour a day tech support in case you need it. Your SEO consultant will make sure these factors are considered so the search engines will always have fresh content to put into the results. If your website is down or unreliable often, this can potentially affect your search engine rankings because when their “robots crawl” or “scan” your website for content but it isn’t online, they won’t have anything to put in the results. This is a really bad situation that your SEO consultant will want to avoid.

Your SEO consultant will also consider your competition. They will access their websites and make sure that you are above and beyond your competitors to help with your Search Engine rankings and make your site the #1. They will make sure your keywords are competitive, your content is better, and your results are higher up in the SE’s. That is what your SEO consultant’s job is and they should do it better than all of the rest. When part of their pay is based on results, this is optimal for you. Try to make this part of their criterion, so they will give you the best results.

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