Registering New Business In Spain

This article is about Registering New Business In Spain. There are many legal bumps that an industrialist must overcome in order to register new business in Spain. Various legal formalities have to be completed in order to get your new venture registered with the administration of Spain. The procedure for getting your business listed is explained below:

Registering New Business In Spain

1. The very first step is obtaining a uniqueness certificate from the Mercantile Registry for your company name. This procedure takes at most 4 days. In order to achieve this certificate you are required to fill up the form corresponding to this certification. Once you are issued the uniqueness certificate then the name of your company is registered for minimum six months i.e. no other enterprise will be assigned the same name.

2. The next step is to achieve a deposit certificate from a well known bank of Spain. For this, bank account for the company will have to be opened and the initial minimal capital will have to be deposited in the bank. This can be done in a single day.

3. The public deed of union has to be granted to the legal public representatives. This process can also be easily completed in one day. This grant must include the will of the enterprise shareholders to incorporate the enterprise, the rules and regulations of the company, administrators’ identity and even the kind of governing body that will be directing the company. These documents can be sent to the Commercial Registry via electronic mail or fax.

4. The next step in the registration procedure is obtaining an identification number for taxes. This is essential prior to trading because in Spain without tax identification code no company is legally allowed to make any business transactions.

5. Afterwards you are required to pay the taxes for assets’ transfer and also for the Lawful Documentation Act.

6. The next step is to get your company registered with the Central Mercantile Registry by filing a copy of public deed of incorporation document. The cost of registration is dependent upon various factors like the type of governing body and also on the count of shareholders. This process may take from 15 to 20 days for completion.

7. Once the enterprise is registered, you have to get your members’ book register, accounts book and even the books for VAT legalized. The phase of books legalization may take around 15 to 17 days.

8. Then you have to obtain a Municipal License in order to open premises for your new business. The cost of acquiring this license largely depends upon the business actions of the company. This phase is probably the largest one in the registration process as it may take few months for completion.

9. After the premises are opened, now the next step is to obtain state supervisory number which is acquired by filing the documents for the social security with the Spanish Social Security System.

10. Finally the last step is to notify the Commercial Registry of the trading activities of the company, and secure the trademarks you need! The visit books must be maintained by the company. The notification must be provided to the Registry within the first 30 days of trading.

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