Registering A Trademark The Easy Way

That article is about Registering A Trademark The Easy Way. The world is almost suffocated with millions of businesses and institutions all competing of the same things. All of them are struggling to achieve financial satisfaction. This includes the establishment of either an epidemic or pandemic identity. How can an identity be established? For a company to be uniquely identifiable, it has to have a trademark.

Registering A Trademark The Easy Way

What is a trademark? Almost everyone is familiar with trademarks. It can be recognized as TM above a product or logo or an encircled R beside a registered trademark. It can be simply understood as a familiar symbol or impression of a certain enterprise. These marks identify a certain company or individual for whom they are. This also allows products and services to be without doubt recognizable. Nonetheless, it is a phrase, word, design, symbol, or a mixture thereof, which classifies and differentiates the basis of the goods of a company those of another.

Why is a trademark important? It is practically important in terms of legal securities. Securing and protecting your business brand forever is a low-cost process. This is by far one of the wisest things an entrepreneur can do. A Trademark cannot be well benefited if it is not registered. Therefore, registering a trademark is also a very important move for your business.

How can a trademark be registered? Preparation is the most basic part of the process. You have to prepare the mark along with a complete listing of goods and services that the mark provides. A description should also go with it. You can choose to file for “use” application if you have already used it for quite some time while” intent to use” should be filed if you have the intention to use it for the first time.

After filing with either of the tow forms, you can now pay the desired fees. These fees are reasonably priced according to your trademarks classification. These classifications can either be standard characters or words and phrases. Each classification has varied fees. If both are chosen then a different set of application and fees for each class should be prepared.

Before you pass your form, you should make sure that your trademark does not have any similar marks on the market. If in case duplication or sheer similarities occur then an application will be rejected. If not then you can move on. After submitting your application, you can now sit down and wait for the results for a few months. It will be screened by a patent and trademark office depending on applications qualifications.

These criteria for qualifications make sure that a trademark does not belittle living or dead people as well as desecrating religion, national symbols, beliefs, and institutions. It also rejects applications that depict national flags, local or federal government insignias, and names of living or dead persons without proper consent.

Once an application has passed all the screening, an applicant will soon receive a notice for publication. After publishing a trademark on a local print ad or international website and no one opposes to it then a certificate of registration will now be given. This finalizes the trademark registration process.

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