Registering A Trademark

Here Is Information Over Registering A Trademark That You’ll Want To Take Note Of. A trademark is a very vital part for every company, institution, product, or service. It is important in terms of setting an identity. The great thing about having a trademark is that a company can enjoy the rights to representation. Therefore, a trademark is a frontline that attracts people. The more significant and good a trademark looks, the better it is for harboring potential clients.

Registering A Trademark

With millions of other companies competing worldwide, registering trademarks has become a specific obligation. Trademarks have to be enlisted so as not to have possible similarities in company logos or symbols. This is the reason why it should be registered under the common law or federal law. Therefore, trademarks as well as its use are well regulated under these laws to prevent identity sharing between competing companies.

How can a trademark be registered? Enlisting a trademark is like registering a newborn for an identity system. The initial thing to do before registering a trademark is of course to create a logo or a symbol. Either these can be words or graphic that can best represent or illustrate a company’s goods or services. Once you have decided on a design or word you should now check to see if there are other companies using it. You also have to see if anyone has enlisted a mark that is s significantly similar to what you want to use. You can do this by checking other applications from your country’s patent and trademark office.

Checking trademark similarities is a vital step in registering trademarks. The checking has to be done according to some steps. First, you should check if your proposed trademark would not cause confusion for consumers. This usually happens when they mistake two products or services for each other. For instance, it would be disturbing to register a company called Mackdonalds because there is already a food chain called McDonalds.

The second step is to asses your trademark whether it can cause offset for an older and almost similar trademark. For example, no one would mistake Mackdonalds diner for the small, low life restaurant. If you do not pass any of these steps, then better consider changing your trademark to a more unique logo or symbol.

Once you are done with your trademark search and checking the process can now be an easy flow especially with the right amount of cash prepared. You can now start by filing for any of the types of application namely “use” and the “intent to use” application.

The use application is completed if you have already used your trademark in business. On the other hand, the intent to use application can be completed if you have not yet used the trademark with the intent of using it. After filing you application, you can now sit and wait for possibly a few months. Granting that your trademark has been approved by your country’s patent and trademark office, you can now publish it at a national newspaper or even online.

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