Personal Finance: Home & Real Estate

This article is about Personal Finance: Home & Real Estate. Home and Real Estate are two of the most important things a single person or a couple will invest in during their lifetime. Your home is where you mostly plan on living for at least usually 5 years, and sometimes you plan on staying there for the rest of your life. When buying a home you really need to make sure that when you purchase this home, you are dealing with a real estate agent that you trust and that is truly out for you and not for their commission.

Personal Finance: Home & Real Estate

Usually the best way to choose a real estate agent is through interviewing a few agents and choosing the one who you are most comfortable with and also to get reference from others who have used that particular real estate agent.

When choosing your home, you must be sure and get something within your budget. If you try and buy the prettiest and loveliest home you see instead of the one you can afford, you could end up becoming one of the many casualties that have been claimed by the real estate and mortgage industry crisis. People who bought homes out of their price range that they might could afford when things were going well, but the moment things got a bit tight due to one reason or another, they could no longer afford it and got further and further behind on mortgage payments.

Also when choosing a home or if you’re already in a home, you need to get the best interest rate on your home. If you are choosing a home, you need to make sure and not get stuck in an interest only loan or adjustable rate mortgage. If you are in an adjustable rate mortgage, your payment could go up hundreds and hundreds of dollars based on the economy and of course this is just financial ruin for some people and it’s truly a sad thing and you don’t want it to happen to you. If you already have a home, you may be able to get refinanced and get a better loan at a lower interest rate and save yourself thousands and thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

As well you really need to assess all of the work that the home you are in or are planning on buying may need. Does it need a lot of repairs? Is there any equity in the home or does making the repair or upgrade make financial sense in this current market? You must protect your investment and as well the bank wants to protect their investment as well. If making repairs still makes the home a worthwhile investment then it is smart to go ahead with the entire process.

Upgrades are also important to to make your home worth more money and make it more palatable to you. If the upgrades also increase the value of your home like remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, then these are also great investments and make your home worth more.

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