People Management

In the article I’m going to tell you about People Management. The sole purpose of doing a business is to mint money. So people think of different ways to start a business in different places. But how many of them actually succeed? If you take a deep thought about it, you will definitely come to a conclusion of following etiquette. Etiquette is a set of protocols to execute certain procedures.

People Management

Then probably the next question that will come to your mind is that the when’s and where’s. The procedure for a successful business should be strictly followed in all cases. Deviating from the norms have a greater possibility if mishaps.

Dealing with Russian people can be one of the most toughest and interesting thing. The most important thing is of course the first meeting. It can really test your professionalism and dedication towards the business. Punctuality is very important because your partner should not be left waiting which will be equivalent to disrespect.

The dress code is a very important thing to be followed. You should also make sure that the business card you carry has both English and Russian translation. This is will create a good impression to your counterpart. Getting gifts on the first meeting can also be a very good suggestion to reduce the formality. Some people may also expect you to talk about the latest happenings in Russia.

Make a sleek but detailed presentation of what exactly the business talk is. Good communication skills are absolutely necessary. Russian people are very hard to convince. They just don’t give in by the flashy presentations but they rely on their intuitions also.

Deviating from the talks is something that should be strongly avoided when discussing the business plan. Making a negotiation is very tough at times. Though the literacy rate is high, it is always a better idea to take help of a local translator or an interpreter to do translation. To establish a working relationship one has to strive a lot and once it is done, success is sure to knock your doors.

Once a business talk is over, the Russians don’t generally make instant decisions. They wait for a long time to take a decision. If your partner is satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, then he/she might invite you for a drink or meal. Disagreeing on the face would become an act of disrespect which should be avoided. However, Russian people can comprehend on valid reasons.

Another important aspect in order to succeed in a business in Russia would be to maintain a healthy relationship with the top guns in Russia, it’s much more vital to your business than any online management degree. The proverb “Give respect take respect” works out very well in Russia. So a person who respects Russian people is surely to shine in a business activity in this country.

Contacts in this country can also break barriers in your business. Thus the main things to follow in order to attain a success are “MMM.” Manage people; Meander around the etiquette and Mint money will be the success story for starting a business in Russia.

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