Online Business Opportunity In Canada

This article tells you about Online Business Opportunity In Canada. Small business is a big trend in Canada. More than 52% of Canadian population is involved in the small industry sector. The internet penetration in Canada is higher than USA and more than 70% of Canadian population has access to high speed internet connections. According to research carried out by Industry Canada, among the 2010 trend of the most lucrative business opportunities in micro industry in Canada, online businesses top the list. Let us take a more detailed look at the online business opportunities in Canada.

Online Business Opportunity In Canada

Over the last two decades, the internet revolution has opened doors to many online business opportunities and work at home option. Thousands of people across the world are opting for this nature of work over the high flying busy corporate life as it gives them time and space for a personal life. The trend in Canada is no different.

There are numerous “Internet Services Based Business’ franchisees that help people identify work from home opportunities. The opportunities can range from the IT and ITES field to content development, online shopping, and medical transcription based jobs. Some of the most lucrative online business sectors in Canada are listed below:

– E-Tourism – information websites which carry useful travel information have proved to be very rewarding. Includes air and road travel information, e- ticketing, destinations, hotels and accommodation, assistance in booking, and generic travel guides.

– Retail – Studies show that over 40% of big retailers prefer to sell goods through e-commerce. This substantially reduces costs of commercial display of goods as it can very easily be done over a simple website instead of a big showroom.

– Website Management – Many companies outsource the creation and management of websites. With the trend of having updated and smart websites growing, one of the most productive and easily available “work from home” options is development and management of websites. This includes website designing, content development, and management of websites.

What to consider before starting an online business?

Identify the service that you would be selling: There are 3 clear segments in this: inform, market, and support. Information based websites provide information about identified products from a neutral point of view. Marketing websites provide product information as well as market comparisons and basic advertising of the product. “Support” refers to customer support on identifying, buying, and selling products. You can either concentrate on one segment or combine all three to give a wholesome service.

How to get Maximum hits: The profitability of an online business lies in the simple fact as to how many people visit your website. The accessibility, design and content play an important role here. One of the most important steps here is to choose and register a unique domain name for your website.

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