Offshore Investment

In this article I’ll tell you about Offshore Investment. Offshore investment means investing your money in foreign countries. People of developed countries like U.S.A, U.K., Canada make offshore investment to grow their money because in these countries they have to pay heavy taxes. Countries which offer offshore investment charge less tax and minimum legal formalities so that a large amount of people invest in their country.

Offshore Investment


Tax Reduction

Offshore countries charge less tax on foreign investors so that a large number of foreigners invest in their country. Many small countries which have limited population and limited resources attract foreign investors to strengthen their economic growth. These countries offer tax incentives to foreign investors. Offshore investors form a corporation in that country which keeps a record of their investment. This corporation saves them from heavy tax. This corporation is not involved in any local activity so the government of that country does not impose any heavy tax on it.


The main benefit of offshore investment is that the investor can enjoy corporate and banking confidentiality. Customer identity and the detail of their investments are kept secret. It does not mean that these people are criminals or have any black money. Offshore investors are mostly rich persons and they want to keep their identity secret so that no body can get information about their investments or their financial status.


In some countries, private sector has taken over many fields which were previously controlled by government. You should invest in these countries because there are wide opportunities for foreign investors. China has become a big market for foreign investors.

Asset Protection

You can transfer your property to offshore entity if you are harassed by any lawsuit. In this procedure, the ownership of the property will be transferred from you to other legal entity and then you will not be subject to any domestic trouble or seizure.

If you want to invest in foreign countries then you should take advice of a professional. If you want to grow your money and secure your future then offshore investment is best.

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