Mortgage Refinance Tips

In this article I’ll tell you about Mortgage Refinance Tips. Saving a penny with the help of a mortgage refinance is much more than looking for the lowest rates of interest. Further reduction in fees and cost cutting can be achieved with the help of a good loan structure.

Mortgage Refinance Tips

It is advised that one must close the shutters on inactive credit cards. This helps in improving the credit score which makes you eligible to go for lower rate of interests for the loans. The companies must be informed about the closure of the credit card account to improve the credit score. Merely putting away the credit card and not using it does not solve the purpose.

After this, you should check the credit report after a period of 30 days to make sure that the accounts have been closed with appropriate comments from the company telling that the account was closed at the request of the customer. This ensures that your future lenders are aware of the fact that the account was closed at the discretion of the customer and bad credit is not the reason behind the closure of the account.

When going for mortgage refinance, it is advisable to invest in improvements in your home and clearing the credit card accounts. However, if the amount you borrow is more than 80% of the actual value of your home, you would be struck with a private mortgage insurance, which can hurt your pocket badly.

Also, if you have some plans to remain indoors for years to come, a lot of money can be saved by paying the points for lower rates of interest. You can pay the front fees which ensure that you have reduced interest payments over the period of the loan. It must be remembered that this method only works if the mortgage is sustained for several months put together.

Going for a short-term loan is always a valid option. Generally, mortgages lasting short periods have lower rates of interest on offer when compared with longer duration mortgages. The money can then be saved by shelling out lesser interest over a shorter period of time. The only drawback of a short term loan is that the monthly installments are very high, but this helps you save a lot of money, may be in order of thousand dollars, over the entire loan period.

It is a prerequisite that one must enquire about the fee. The fees turn out to be hidden costs of most of the mortgage loans. According to the law, it is necessary for the lenders to disclose the entire fee amount they charge within three days from the date of the application for the loan. The fees can be charged under the categories such as fee for document preparation, courier fees, and fees for administrative purpose etc.

When drawing a comparison between refinance options for the mortgage, you can request a fee list from different lenders. This fee must be added with the interest that has to be paid. This final figure will surprise you with the fact that the cheapest available loan do not come with the lowest rate of interest.

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