More About Business Sectors In Italy

In the article I’ll tell you More About Business Sectors In Italy. Italy is famous for its fashion industry and football team all over the world but there are many industries that have made a mark on the world. The seventh largest economy of the world has many different business sectors to supports its economy. Some of the common business sectors in Italy are:

More About Business Sectors In Italy


There is a definite need in Italy for more information on the range of ornamental horticultural products. The product interest centers on cut flowers and foliage, seeds and bulbs (e.g. calla), young plant liners, semi-mature plants (e.g. camellia), and indigenous material such as tree roots and branches that can be used in the manufacture of artificial plants. The ‘garden’ has become an important component of the Italian household in recent years.

Food and Beverage

Italy is a country where people take food and eating habits very seriously. Italians understand that you need to pay a good price to get high quality food but never the less there is a growing market for lower priced food. Organic foods, low fat foods, and functional food products are considered to be at the top in Italian market and are considered to be the best.

Changing life styles has increased the demand for frozen and easy to prepare products. Meat, wine, fruit and seafood enjoy a good reputation within the market, and other products with potential are dried fruits and nuts, and breakfast cereals. However, there is a huge contrast between the distribution channels in the rich and poor sectors of the country which also affects the price.


Italy ranks among the top consumers of forest products in the world, using timber for construction, milling for paper and in the production of furniture (Italy was the world’s second largest exporter of wooden furniture in 2006). The demands of domestic and exports buying the ‘Made in Italy’ brand are for high quality finished products.

This necessitates a demand for raw material of premium quality. In 2006, the total value of Italy’s imports of forest products (excluding furniture) was 6.3 billion euro. Potential product market niches for export could be small remanufactured products such as picture frames, floor skirting, shelves etc, as well as shelving and home furniture, as long as products are competitively priced.

Information and Communications Technology

Italy is Europe’s fourth largest market for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry and has among the highest mobile phone diffusion in the world, with 152 mobile subscribers per 100 populations. Italian companies are increasingly investing in ICT solutions as a means to implement new business strategies and face the challenges of the new web economy.

Good opportunities exist for new-to-market companies offering highly specialized and integrated services and who are willing to team up with well established Italian firms. Internet-related services to support intranet, extranet and electronic commerce solutions still represent the area with the greatest short-term development potential. Italy relies heavily on foreign production of software which accounts for approximately 75 percent of the total market.

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