Legal Aspects of Internet Business

The article gives you some information on Legal Aspects of Internet Business. Recent years show that each year the Internet increasingly penetrates the lives of people. Soon the Internet will find its place in all areas of modern business, which employs such a business model, which in real life and inconceivable.

Legal Aspects of Internet Business

One feels that Internet is becoming an attribute of the business life of everyone who seeks to prosper and improve the economic situation in the country. In general, the Internet as a new territory for business offers significant opportunities show real economy of the state in the virtual universe.

The rapid development of E-commerce (electronic commerce) opens up new prospects for business. It is possible that it is the Internet – commerce will be the catalyst that will lead to the creation of entirely new models of market relations, completely new partnerships and as a result – a completely new economy.

The most important conclusion – the network caught up with other sectors of the economy of the United States of America, thus giving rise to specialists talk about the Internet – the economy.

Thousands of companies in Europe are published weekly on the virtual market to offer their products and services. They are driven by the desire to obtain markets for products, to communicate with new groups of clients – from medium and large business sectors – and the global network of Internet gives them that opportunity.

E-business has lagged behind in terms of transactions, which is less than 2-3 times the usual for the Western market transactions on the telephone and trade agreements from a catalog. However, it is hoped that over time all (or nearly all) the world of business will move into the virtual world.

In some country gradually raises the problem of updating electronic commerce (E-commerce), directly by such means as:
1. Holding of exhibitions, thematic conferences;
2. Feature stories in the media (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.);
3. Internet advertising on television.

There are several problematic legal aspects of the Internet Business:

  • Lack of legal culture among the population – is a global and most urgent problem for the entire world community. Ignorance and misunderstanding of the foundations of law, expertise and this is a serious problem.
  • Legal error users that the Internet is not in any jurisdiction outside the individual states, and about the relationships on the Internet can not apply the law of any particular State.
  • Everyone knows that the Internet – for goods to be paid for by credit card or electronic money, so this question is, in principle, can also push the idea that some sectors of society that the Internet is only for wealthy people have credit cards.
  • The problem of virtual trade and social protection of the buyer (return defective goods) when making purchases online.
  • The problem of jurisdiction. Among the huge number of companies offering their products and services on the Internet, some on their Web sites have information about registration of their companies, so you need to take measures of influence on these firms in accordance with the laws of the country.
  • The problem of creation of arbitration courts to consider and resolve issues that arise on the Internet.

For some country it is important today, for conducting Business Internet, The following issues:
Adoption and regulation of laws, regulations and legal aspects of Internet business, Instructions;
Financing of scientific research; Cryptography; Digital signature; Payment systems for doing calculations on the Internet;

Establishment of law enforcement, particularly in the Interior Ministry units to combat cyber crime.
Therefore we can conclude that it is necessary to identify legal aspects of Internet business. It is a bright future and would like to note that if you invoke the objective difficulties and do nothing, then the country will once again be partitioned off from the world of the curtain. This time, no used iron and electronic and more. So for the safety of doing business in the Internet of crime and criminals at the state level should be set up units to combat computer crime and cyber-crime. We should legal aspects of Internet technologies.

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