Leaders of Business

Leaders of Business – CEO, Managing Director and President Resources and Info. Business leaders are the force behind capitalism and economic development. In today’s economic crisis, we’ve seen CEO’s, Managing Directors and Presidents of large companies reflected negatively in the news over and over again, but we seem to forget it’s these same people that have built their corporations to the economic forces they are today – often empoying thousands of people and paying millions in taxes to help support governments and countries in their finances and policies.

Leaders of Business

Today’s business leaders are often not the owners of the company, and most of the time have to defend their work to a board of directors or a group of shareholders. Where in a lot of companies, this is a positive and constructive environment to be in – more often than expected, this is not.

Business leaders are put into a very difficult spot trying to maximize short-term and medium-term profits for the shareholders, long-term profits for the board of directors and a completely different type of factors to ensure happiness with their employees, unions and even the public opinion. Business leaders are turning into public figures – and even though some of them might like this; for quite a few business leaders that’s yet another burden to carry.

We created this site to show our appreciation for CEO’s, Managing Directors and Corporate Presidents all over the world – and salute them for their hard work in shaping the globe’s economy. We have profiles of business leaders, resources regarding management and business – and provide you with relevant and interesting links on each page for further reading. We’ve even started adding pages about government leaders that influence business in a big way, like Yousef Al Otaiba for the UAE.

As you can see, we’ve tried to keep our website as advertising-free as possible. I hope you guys and girls appreciate it.

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