Keeping business

In the following article I share what I learned about Keeping business. Some facts indicate that the current number of large industrial companies in the beginning too small. Many small companies now, but have the potential to be great in the future, but at the same time many companies that failed, collapsed and went bankrupt before it got big, and some have not had time to enjoy the results, Only a diligent company that can survive. “Ductile” means having a healthy condition and able to change as circumstances demand.

Keeping business

Running a business is no different than controlling a car, where we had to control correctly to avoid an accident. The company likewise, will not run smoothly automatically, it also must be controlled. The company also is like a constant battle. In this case, just working hard is not enough to win; we should concentrate to find a formula or key to come out as winners. Here we will say a few keys in running the business to be able to come out as winners, the key is:

Ways to maintain and expand this effort include:

1. Do not “allergic” to Management
Applying the activities of planning, organizing, implementing plans, and conduct oversight of the operations of your business. With good management floated and maintained the company will always be supervised so that the company’s activities are always supervised properly.

2. Keep trying motivation
• Motivation to make money the right way.
• The motivation to open a good job and not destructive.
• Motivation to maintain its role in the market.

3. Developing the ethos (spirit) working
• Work hard (hard-working, tenacious and diligent)
• Work Smart
• Enthusiasm (working with a passion and willingness)
• Service (good service and satisfying)

4. Make yourself as a person who can be trusted.
Try to do an honest and a person who can be trusted, because the absolute trust required in an effort to stay afloat.

5. Know the cause of the failure of your business
a. Employers less assertive in establishing its business goals (goals are immeasurable and vague);
b. has no ambition to go to the desired target,
c. Does not have self-discipline (personal)
d. has a negative personality,
e. No firm in the establishment always vacillated and did not have the grip.
f. Wrong in choosing a partner / business partner, and
g. Valid wasteful and act mubadzir, wasting what is to him.

6. Have a philosophy of life
A businessman must have a philosophy of life, for life is to have the vision, mission and objectives.

7. Creating networks and business
Network in the work and effort something that is needed by businesses for the company’s rapidly developing and developed world.

8. Trying to be leading
Try to be in the forefront, the best and reliable. Leading with kindness, the best among the best trusted in the goodness and the best.

9. Do not just money-oriented

It does everything with money but money is not everything. Money is only one media to achieve success. People who succeed are those that have a moral, when he was hard he still maintain his moral and while he is happy he can keep his moral.

10. Give special time to reflect
Contemplating good for business to be conducted to further business development.

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