Jobs In Oil And Gas Industry In UAE

This article is about Jobs In Oil And Gas Industry In UAE. Oil and gas have been the backbone of the world and is making it to move on. Many countries all over the globe especially gulf have relied on the petroleum industry for their economic growth.

Jobs In Oil And Gas Industry In UAE

Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE has kept the above statement true and supported it for being dependent on oil and petroleum for its economic growth. Tons of revenues are generated from the sale and export of petroleum products including oil and gas. These revenues are the major contributors in the financial growth of the economy of Abu Dhabi and UAE as a whole.

The petroleum industry is the major industry in UAE in providing employment too. UAE being a free market and free economy has attracted many giant companies towards them and have made them establish those companies in their country. In Abu Dhabi, the oil and gas industry is run and controlled by the Supreme Petroleum Council.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), which controls all the oil and gas affairs in UAE was established in 1971 and is fully owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. The ANDOC group of companies composes of the major 15 companies of the Abu Dhabi which seem to provide most employment opportunities. There are huge number of jobs created by such companies that include transportation, exploration, marine and natural gas processing.

There are job opportunities for chemical engineers and mechanical engineers in the petroleum exploration, refining and extraction sector. Engineers from all over the globe are attracted to this hub of jobs. Some good reasons they can’t resist being in UAE is the high paying jobs with incentives. UAE is to workers as flowers are to bees.

Another good reason to work in UAE is that it’s a tax free country. Taxes are like leeches that sucks a major part of your earnings but not in this country. You get to keep all your earnings with you without having to give anything to the country as tax.

There are many laborious jobs in Abu Dhabi but the hot and humid environment makes it tough to work there. No doubt the wages are fair enough, it’s just a matter of surviving there. Most oil refineries are situated in the sea as water is a safer place to be when it comes to play with flammable substances.

This situation creates many jobs for marine transportation, working on ships and sometimes the removal of oil slicks from the surface of sea. To summarize there are lots of job opportunities in Abu Dhabi in oil and gas industry with high wages and the environment is safe and secure to work.

An amazingly luxurious lifestyle with tax-free salaries is one of the most significant reasons that make UAE very valuable career destinations of the world. The employers there are looking for academic qualifications, work experience and the willingness to work hard. Good communication skills and a professional approach will definitely help you in long term if you are serious about working there. Have these qualities and UAE is definitely waiting for you to work and pay what you can expect.

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