How Voicemail Can Help Your Business

In that article you will find some information on How Voicemail Can Help Your Business. Do you check your voice mail? If you do, then do you check it often? And if you ever leave voice mail for other colleagues, how specific are you when doing so?

How Voicemail Can Help Your Business

You can use voice mail for basically two things:

To allow your caller to leave you a proper message.

This is mainly so that you can be very clear about your return call. But remember, they will only do so if you indicate that you want it. There’s no point really, in just recording a simple “Hi, this is me; just leave a little message after you hear the beep!” That simply won’t do anymore.

Voice mail notifications for a genuine business-related reason, should have the mandatory 3 elements in them: Your name, to start with, and then your companies’ name. Also include what you would like your colleague to do upon receipt of the voice mail.

And as a last bit, try to convey to them what you will do once the message is gotten. For example a good, neat and short voice mail would be something on the lines of: “Hi there! This is of . I’m sorry I can’t take your call right now. Please do leave a brief message after you hear the sound, and tell me what time would be best for me to return your call. I’ll call you as soon as possible (or say, within 2 hours).”

This way, your voice mail message is not too big, and serves the right purpose. The entire message must be short – this is because you don’t want your caller to hang in the middle of your message, do you? As funny as this may sound, it is quite a serious issue. I’m sure a lot of your have encountered endlessly long voice mail messages, it’s just annoying.

Another extremely important thing is to show your professionalism to the maximum here. I cannot emphasize this enough. Apart from that, you must depict your responsibility and work ethic as well.

Another important issue here is to maintain the identity of the firm here. If it is one thing that clients do not like, it is definitely being put on hold, or being connected to another department entirely! You obviously do not need that, it doesn’t go too well with customer relations and for that matter, it might affect your overall business!

In fact, your reception department is in that manner, your most important one. The reception is the first thing that your clients/prospective colleagues will encounter when they attempt to contact you. Putting other parties on hold, or rushing them off to some other line and such methods are the first things that result in the destruction of customer-client relations.

This is because almost 50% of any interaction goes via customer service, and if your customer service isn’t up to that level, well, you’re going to have to work extra hard to maintain business with any party.

Remember that since your reception is the first line that the customer encounters, they will quickly use any negative behavior against you. The first impression is always the best, so make sure your reception delivers that positive impression!

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