How to Start a Business with no Money

The purpose of the article is to give you some information on How to Start a Business with no Money. Starting and running own business is a goal that many people want. Many people always think that running own business is better than working for someone or company. But they always have a barrier that they don’t have money to start a business. Some of them maybe just leaving it in their mind, but the others will have a question how to start a business with no money.

 How to Start a Business with no Money

Basically to start a business with no money, you must have a computer and internet connection. Here are a few ways how to start it:
1. Evaluate your skill and hobby, maybe you have accounting skill, wring skill or you like gardening or anything
2. Next you can determine your business base on your skill or hobby for example your business can be a consultant.
3. Research listing opportunity, feel free to see 10 best home based business opportunities. There is opportunity there that doesn’t need money.
4. Try to use free blogging service such Blogger or Worpress, your blog is your stage to show your skill or hobby.
5. Simplest way is become an affiliate Amazon, try to promote or review their product and choose product base on your skill and hobby so your blog reader will get benefit from your blog.
6. Grow your blog by spent enough time to show your skill or hobby and promote it, your blog is your business.
7. Try to find others opportunities to monetize your blog.
8. Make a business plan to help you organize and running business, create your business goal to keep your spirit when running your business.

I hope these ways how to start business with no money will make you don’t leave your dream to start own business but become a winner to take opportunity to start own venture.

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