How to Get Cashback on Your Home Insurance

In the article you will find some basic information on How to Get Cashback on Your Home Insurance. If it’s time for your annual renewal of your home insurance policy then you’ll be getting ready to search online or by telephone to get a better deal than you’ve been sent in your renewal notice.  This can take some time, after you’ve trawled through comparison websites and gone direct to the insurers who don’t offer products through comparison sites.

How to Get Cashback on Your Home Insurance

You’re more likely to get cheap home insurance if you take simple steps like improving your home security, checking that you’re not seeking more cover than you need (carefully consider the value of your contents, for instance) and accepting a higher excess for your policy.

Once you’ve finished searching and are happy with a quote, then take a note of the insurance company offering the quote and go back online to look for cashback sites or comparison sites that offer cashback for your home insurance.

Home insurance cashback is given by comparison sites or dedicated cashback sites when you click on the link on their site and buy the policy there and then.  The insurer pays the comparison or cashback site some money for leading you to buy insurance from them, and the comparison or cashback site pays some of that money to you.

The money you pay for your home insurance goes directly to the insurer, not to the cashback or comparison site, so you don’t need to worry about your financial security online.  The comparison or cashback site tracks your use of the insurer’s site and if you buy the home insurance the cashback or comparison site tells the insurers and asks for payment.

This works well if you know what you’re looking for and are sure that the home insurance (with or without cashback) is the right deal for you, offering the right level of cover for the right place.  Treat the home insurance cashback as a little extra gift, but don’t rely on it in case there is any dispute between the site and the insurer and you end up without any cashback.

Cashback incentives are a way for you to make money for doing nothing.  As long as you shop and buy exactly what you would have bought without the cashback offer then you have nothing to lose.  Just because a product is available with cashback it does not negate the need for you to shop around to make sure that it’s the best deal.  You might find the same home insurance without cashback for much cheaper from a different insurer, for instance.

There are comparison sites for comparing cashback sites, so it should be easy enough to find the most advantageous home insurance cashback deal once you’ve identified the policy that’s right for you.

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