HealthCare Business In Abu Dhabi And UAE

The article touches upon the issue of HealthCare Business In Abu Dhabi And UAE. The United Arab Emirates – UAE comprises of Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Dubai and Kuwait and has a large number of job opportunities for the large number of job seekers from various countries. Abu Dhabi which is the capital of UAE is one of the fastest growing states, which constitutes almost 60% of the economy. Some of the recently done surveys has predicted that UAE as the second largest option for the job seekers after Singapore.

HealthCare Business In Abu Dhabi And UAE

Number of people from foreign countries has increased the number of local employees in various job sectors. Despite of being an Arabic country UAE has very vast potential in various job sectors like tourism, health sector, real estate and construction. The healthcare sector is providing huge amount of job opportunities in UAE in recent years. Gulf countries are also well known for their high standard of living with high pay scale in jobs.

The healthcare center has become a point of attraction for the Doctors, surgeons, nurses and attendants and they have a very bright future. Entries of international medical companies improved the facility to the patient and new vacancies for the nurses have also been produced. There are options for both specialized as well as for general nurses. Emergency, maternity and highly cared units of hospitals require the highly qualified or specialized nurses whereas general nurses can opt for general patients in various hospitals.

There is no tax on the salary paid and many other facilities like subsidized accommodation, medical insurance and free trip to their origin country might be included in their package. Apart from the hospitals, nurses may also choose private doctors and medical practitioners for jobs. Short term jobs in school, multi-national companies or families are the good options for a job. Many cardiologists, physiotherapist and other specialists also recruit nurses at good pay scale.

According to UAE government, the expenditure on healthcare facility has been increased by US $436 million from 1996 to 2003. The government has 40 public hospitals and also spending millions of dollars in increasing the healthcare units. The World Bank has announced Abu Dhabi and Dubai as the second largest medical tourism destination after Jordan. These increased facilities have attracted a lot of Doctors and practitioners from different foreign countries. The pay scale to the doctors is very high in UAE because of the high living standard as mentioned above.

Saudi Arabia also offers different kinds of challenging and excellent job opportunities in their growing healthcare centers. The Kuwait Healthcare system is developing at a high rate. Healthcare systems in Kuwait makes use of latest technologies in the medical field and the most surprising thing to note is that the Doctors, surgeons and nurses in Kuwait are mostly from the countries like USA, UK, India, Egypt, and other Middle East countries. As the country develops over the years and the economic condition of the country flourishes day by day, more number of job opportunities will be generated in near future.

In the coming future, UAE is going to come out as a very promising place for the healthcare practitioners.

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