Good Reasons To Set Up A Business In Switzerland

This article tells you about Good Reasons To Set Up A Business In Switzerland. Amgen, IBM, Philip Morris, are among the major companies that have chose Switzerland as their global, regional, or European headquarters. The reason behind this is that the nation has a lot to offer businesses in terms of tax incentives and other additional benefits. As an entrepreneur, you will find Switzerland offering a wide range of opportunities and solutions to meet your every need. The nations 26 cantons attract businesses with excellent infrastructure and other facilities including moderate tax rates.

Good Reasons To Set Up A Business In Switzerland

Switzerland offers the most favorable tax rates in all of Europe. Incentives vary from company to company with tax cuts and several double taxation treaties with other countries from around the globe. This is why the country has witnessed an influx of multinationals that include Caterpillar, Procter & Gamble, and Compaq Computers establish themselves in the country. Recent corporate tax reforms has made doing business in Switzerland even more attractive to foreign investors.

It is not only multinationals that have found Switzerland to offer a favorable business environment. The country welcomes the establishment of small and medium sized businesses as well. The availability of a highly skilled workforce and state-of-the art infrastructure which includes transportation and energy supply makes it an ideal environment for business.

You can establish a new business or subsidiary in Switzerland and form a separate legal entity of either a stock corporation or limited liability company. Alternatively, you may opt for a branch office. Each canton may have its own set of rules and regulations which you need to check prior to establishing your business as a legal entity.

There is no doubt that Switzerland’s financial system is among the most robust in the world, with banking and insurance at the core of the system. Both industries are tightly regulated and are relatively safe. You can be sure of your financial privacy. Moreover, the banking and insurance industries offer a wide range of competitively priced products and services for investors and businesses.

Asset management, foreign exchange trading, derivatives, and private banking facilities are among the major services offered by financial institutions in the country. The SWX Swiss stock exchange is highly respected in the global market. When it comes to electronic trading, Switzerland is one of the leading nations to offer electronic trading platforms.

Many businesses largely depend on a transport network. Switzerland is well equipped with a transportation network that consists of high-speed trains, well-built roads, and four major international airports in Zurich, Geneva, Basle, and Bern. There are several regional airports as well, which makes the nation easily accessible.

In addition, the country has a strong telecommunication network that ranks second in the world and includes a well developed mobile communication network. You can expect to find the most convenient business communication solutions with a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that operate in the country.

The political and economic stability prevalent in Switzerland makes it one of the safest places to conduct business. Combined with a moderate tax system there is no reason why you ought not to think of Switzerland as a base for your business.

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