Getting Advice On Starting A Business In France

That article is about Getting Advice On Starting A Business In France. Setting up a business in France entails several procedures which can be best dealt with help from professional advisors. Obtaining sound advice is important if you want to have a good start to your business career in France.

Getting Advice On Starting A Business In France

It is advisable to engage the services of a translator if you do not speak French. Among the professionals that are the main sources of advice are accountants, Notaire/Avocate or advocate, Chamber de Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), NACRE – a business startup scheme, Trade Association, Boutiques de Gestion – a startup agency advisor, among others.


An accountant is one of the first and most essential professionals to consult. However, choose one that is well versed in taxation, business startups, and can offer you commercial advice. An accountant is called an expert computable. You may do a bit of research on your own and ask around for the best accountants in the area. Many may offer some free advice in the quest of getting business from you.

Notaire/Avocatif – Advocate

If you intend to set up a limited company that it is advisable to contact a notaire or avocatif. He will provide you with legal assistance and advice on setting up your company especially on matters concerning registration and business tenancies. A notaire may offer preliminary advice for free. For acquisition of an existing business it may be prudent to contact a avocet that specializes in commercial matters.

Chambre de Commerce

One of the major sources of advice for setting up a business in France is the local Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (CIC). These are stutatory bodies all across France that plays a major role in business registration and development and can offer you valuable information on market conditions, tax, regulations, and social security issues.


A national network scheme for business startups known as ‘NACRE’ (Nouvel accompagnement pour la création et la reprise d’entreprise ), has been set up to provide free business advice.

Business Start-Up Agency

APCE – Agence pour la creation d’entreprises is a national business startup agency in France that offers advice on a variety of business issues.

‘Boutiques de Gestion’

The agency runs training courses for business startups, and may are free of charge or at a minimum cost. They also have a list of business advisors from all over France.

Trade Association/Professional Body

Many trade associations and professional bodies represent French business interests and extend help to its members. You can contact one of these trade associations appropriate to the nature of your business for more assistance.

Market Research Consultants

You can hire the services of a market research consultant and obtain a feasibility report prior to setting up a business in France.

Business Forums

There are many business forums could help you find the right kind of advice. Moreover, you get to learn from the experience of others.

There are plenty of opportunities to set up a business in Europe. As a foreign investor you ought to make sure you obtain the right kind of advice and information, making the process of setting up a business in France much easier.

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