Florida Community Spreading Love To Residents

This article tells you about Florida Community Spreading Love To Residents. These days, many people find it difficult to get an acknowledgement from others, let alone a friendly greeting. Everyone seems to be busy and stressed, with financial concerns weighing on the minds of many. Jose “Pepe” Diaz, the commissioner of Miami-Dade County, decided to do something about it. What resulted was an initiative dubbed “14 Days of Neighborly Love” and it is changing the South Florida community for the better.

Florida Community Spreading Love To Residents

Mr. Diaz refers to the initiative as a shock of kindness during this difficult economy. On February 14, drivers in Sweetwater were able to fill their gas tanks for just $2.14 per gallon. Several days later, customers at the Finish Line gas station in Sweetwater were still thanking the owner, Anthony Cuevas. Both he and Mr. Diaz said the initiative is very rewarding for them.

During the initiative, local residents receive free car washes, marriage counseling, and help with income tax preparation. Get Credit Healthy, Inc. is offering free one-on-one consultations that teach people how to improve their credit so they can purchase a car or home. Some even learn how to finance their education using student loans.

What inspired Mr. Diaz to start this initiative was the unfortunate situation that many consumers are facing. People are up to their ears in debt, some forced to use cash advances and payday loans just to get by, and many are facing losing their home. This causes many people to get angry. The kindness initiative strives to make things a bit easier.

Even youngsters are getting in on the action. Mr. Diaz threw a pizza part at the Hialeah Gardens Youth Co-op Charter School, asking students to do something good for someone else. These children promised to be more helpful at home by assisting with chores. Mr. Diaz hopes that this event will inspire people to be kinder all year.

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