Flex Pod Express: Helping Small and Medium Enterprises

The article gives an analysis of Flex Pod Express: Helping Small and Medium Enterprises. As described by its developers, Cisco and NetApp, Flex Pod is an enterprise solution that combines three different systems – Computing, Networking and Storage. Since integrated systems are used by organizations of all sizes, there are three types of Flex Pod solutions available. One of them is Flex Pod Express and it focuses on small and medium enterprises.

Flex Pod Express

Unlike large enterprises, small and medium enterprises do not have fixed processes. That is precisely why Flex Pod comes with the necessary flexibility to manage different types of usage scenarios. Allow us to illustrate the flexibility that is integral to Flex Pod Express with a simple example. We have a customer who has a requirement for an elaborate Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to meet his enterprise computing needs. We know that, in order to implement such a VDI solution effectively, two components are needed – High Performance Blades and NetApp Flash Cache technology. These have to be selectively designed to meet the client requirements.

Let us go a little deeper and understand exactly why a customer needs the above-mentioned VDI solution. Let us suppose that he wants the VDI in order to meet the needs of a project that is focused on software development and testing. That gives us a hint that, the customer is need of higher allocation to computing power and less storage capacity. When you are developing software you are not storing much data and hence the focus on processing power.

What if the customer is looking at a project that focuses on data backup and related services? If so, there is hardly anything beyond normal processing that can be expected of such a project. It would be wise for the infrastructure to provide enormous amount of storage facilities and not worry too much about processing power. It is also possible that both of these scenarios will exist within a single company. The point we are trying to make here is that, Flex Pod Express has the inherent ability to adapt to either of these scenarios. What we have is a single solution that is able to change and evolve as the requirements change.

This should make you ask a simple question. Precisely what is it that Flex Pod Express can do for you? In addition, how does it help you achieve these specific goals for you?

With Flex Pod net app, you will cut down on the number of ‘individual’ hardware devices that need purchasing. Correspondingly, you are also cutting down on the licenses, maintenance and repair costs that are connected to each device. Since you are working over a virtualized platform, at any given point of time, you are extracting more out of less. That includes the time spent by your IT staff in keeping the system running.

Flex Pod Express is a system that follows the established standards for VDI. These standards are used across departments and across organizations. This allows you to easily estimate future IT related expenses. You make fewer mistakes with budgeting that will reduce IT related risks.

When you look at the above explanation about how Flex Pod net app works, it is impossible not to come to the most relevant conclusion. Flex Pod has been designed to be a one-stop solution for any small or medium sized enterprise. If you are a business partner looking to offer Flex Pod to your customers, you will find that Flex Pod is a compelling VDI solution that has everything in a single, easy to deploy package.

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