Five jobs women will do better than men in the business world

The following article is about Five jobs women will do better than men in the business world. Women are now well represented in the business world and they can now be found in virtually all jobs. That being said there are certain jobs where women are more likely to be found. In large part these are the jobs that women tend to do better than men. The following five jobs are all in fields where women have shown that they are better than men.

Five jobs women will do better than men in the business world

Human Resources

This is an area where women have often been better than men and it is mainly seen as a job that women traditionally do well in. The main reason for this is that the job involves a lot of interpersonal skills which are areas where women are often better than men.


Jobs that involve training other employees are often jobs in which women do better than men. Again this largely comes down to the interpersonal skills that women usually have. Training is a job that can be very difficult because of the need to teach complex skills without becoming frustrated when people don’t pick things up right away. Women in general do this better than men.

Public Relations

Women do tend to be better at communicating than men are which makes them naturals at a job that is all about communication. Being able to get your companies message out to the world is something that you have to be able to do these days if your business is going to be successful, this is something that women tend to do very well.


In large part this is related to public relations and women tend to do very well in this part of the business world because it is largely about communication. In addition it is now well recognized that most marketing targets women as they are usually the ones who make the buying decisions in the household. Obviously a woman is going to know more about what appeals to women than men will which makes them the ideal choice to work in marketing jobs.


There is increasingly evidence that women are better suited to management roles than men although there is still a lot of debate about this. The reason for this belief is that women tend to score better on tests that measure what are generally considered to be management skills. In particular women are rated higher in things like taking initiative, team building and inspiring others, all skills that good managers should have.

While some will debate that there are other skills that a manager should have that men do better than women the fact remains that there is pretty clear evidence that women are at least as good as men at management jobs if not better.

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