Finer Points To Registering A Trademark

In this article I’ll tell you about Finer Points To Registering A Trademark. Most people know what a trademark is and most of those who know about it simply think of is as a brand or name. Actually, there is more to what you might think about trademarks. What are trademarks? Why are they important? It is a distinctive symbol, phrase, word, or sign used by any individual, company, and organization.

Finer Points To Registering A Trademark

This is used to identify the uniqueness of one entity from another. Trademarks are usually designated by the symbols TM, SM and ®. TM is used for unregistered trademark used for goods promotion. SM stands for unregistered service mark used for the promotion of services. On the other hand, the symbol ® represents a registered trademark.

The last designated symbol that is a capital R that has a circle around it, is the most important of the three. Why is this so? Obviously, it means registered. It means that a trademark can have all the benefits from a simple registration.

What are the benefits of registering a trademark? Primarily registering a character, words, or phrase class of trademarks provide greater security. It practically safeguards a company’s most valuable asset, which is its insignia, logo, or slogan. Registering it can also mean that an entity can have exclusive ownership over the mark thus making it an intellectual property.

How can a trademark be registered? This can be done in eight easy steps. First, you have to prepare a unique logo, design, graphic, word, or phrase. These elements should be well related or depicted on your company or institution. Once you have finalized a proposed trademark, a description has to be made.

This is the second step. Your trademark’s description should explain its significance to the involved goods or services. Third, check for duplicates or similar marks on your countries patent and trademark office or website. Fourthly, if there are no duplicates then you are now ready to fill out an application for registration form. If you are registering for both characters and phrase then you have to make two application forms and of course pay two separate fees.

The fifth step involves the submission of the application form. Once it is submitted, the patent and trademark office usually screens your trademark according to some specific guidelines. This includes screening trademarks for belittlement of other existing symbols or government insignias and many more. Sixth, once your application has been approved the office will send you a notice of publication. This allows you to publish your trademark on a local or national newspaper.

This is usually done to let people know about your trademark and at the same time identify those who are opposed to your trademark. Seventh, if after thirty days since the publication no one opposes your trademark, you will be given a certificate of registration. The eighth and final step is finally using your trademark.

With your newly registered trademark, you can now enjoy its benefits. By following these eight easy steps, you will surely make your way through a unique trademark!

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