Financing Business With Invoice Finance

In the article it is spoken about Financing Business With Invoice Finance. Getting a bank finance sanctioned is one of the most difficult aspects in a business venture. The current scenario is also such that it makes it one of the most competent times for getting bank loans. Though the situation is improving along with the credit markets and more institutions now have a lending mentality, the condition of startup businesses are still bad as few of them get their loans sanctioned. A major reason for this scenario is the fact that most of the institutions favour businesses with a good track record.

Financing Business With Invoice Finance

But all is not well even with established businesses as they are also finding it hard to obtain their financing. In most cases, institutions require you to produce financial records for the past 2 years, including documents like tax returns, profit/loss statements, etc. If the business doesn’t show satisfactory profitability or favourable growth prospects, there are only very slim chances for your loan to be sanctioned on time, if even they ever get a nod.

And if the records suggest any kind of blemish, the chances of getting even a small loan approved are low. Generally, the institutions are only interested in business with clients with the most promising profiles. Unfortunately, that results in many of the good potential businesses getting out of the scene. However on a positive note, there are other alternatives.

Some people are aware about the system of selling goods on terms or a net period of days. It typically means that the business firm doesn’t receive the payment from the clients as soon as the goods or services are provided. The transaction generally takes a period of time to be fully completed, say 30 or 60 days. This is generally the system when it comes to dealing with commercial to government clients. For illustration, if the company delivers or supplies the ordered goods or services today, the payment is made some 30 or 60 days later. But the operating expenses, payment to the suppliers and the employee pay must also be taken care of in the meanwhile.

This scenario creates problems for the involved companies, mainly due to 2 reasons. The first reason is the lack of enough capital to keep the company functioning while waiting for nearly 2 months to get paid. The other more important reason is that the companies that are waiting for payment often reject certain large and lucrative offers and projects because of lack of capital to undertake it. There is, however, one solution to this problem – Invoice Financing.

Invoice financing is a simple and an uncomplicated approach to managing the financial affairs of any business. It simply involves elimination of the waiting time for the payment by advancing a sum of money against the invoice. This money can be used as a temporary capital to operate the affairs of the business until the full payment is settled by the customer.

The transaction closes after the customer’s payment. The main advantage of invoice financing over conventional business financing is that the procedure is quick and easy and the entire process can be set in motion in a matter of days. Another major advantage of invoice financing is that it grows as the business improves, and hence it is dynamic. All these make invoice financing the most suitable option for certain types of businesses today.


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