Feasible Locations

The article gives an analysis of Feasible Locations. If you are looking for locations that would excellently fit to your business preferences, you may want to consider choosing several countries in Africa. World Bank’s report about the ease-of-business of different countries in the continent is a result of the reforms implemented by the countries within their jurisdiction. Some locations in Africa such as Kenya and Ghana even got recognitions for being among the top countries in the field of business law and employment.

Feasible Locations

The most renowned place in Africa and is among the top reformers is Egypt. The reforms are often related to the improvement of the public sector’s disposition towards business matters. The most common grounds of the reforms are those that involve the convenience of setting up a business. Some of the improvements also cover property rights, tax rates and operational scope of entrepreneurs.

Ghana is one of the major countries that introduced several improvements in the public sector. This reform made several developments in business registers and environmental agencies. As a result, investors and entrepreneurs can easily accomplish their business registration within less than two months. There are also several modifications within the law enforcement sector including the port authorities. The new rules of arbitration and mediation can also help in resolving dispute cases.

On the Eastern part of Africa, Kenya is well known for its introduction of the comprehensive program for business licenses. The all-out modifications implemented within the licensing programs have led to the convenience in registering commercial businesses as well as obtaining building permits for starting businesses. The property registrations have been also updated for the benefit of new investors and entrepreneurs.

Tanzania is also one of the African countries that provide excellent business requirements for starters. Business start-ups within Tanzania are presented with 47 percent reduction on registration fees. In fact, the starting fee in the country is among the cheapest rates all over the African continent. Moving to Mozambique, the trade law reforms in this country have been modified to strengthen the rights of minority shareholders.

These reforms also apply to business management procedures and corporate governance. The modernization of the registration procedures has also brought advantages for starting businesses. This enables business owners to skip the process of getting a solicitor in order to arrange their registration requirements. The modifications in the registration process gave way to a faster and more convenient business registration processing.

When it comes to immediate registration of starting businesses, Madagascar provides an excellent system that would successfully finish the procedures in one week. This is mainly attributed by the development of the General Service Department that efficiently handles business transactions with entrepreneurs. The computerization of the registration systems in Africa has also contributed to the improved efficiency of processing new business investments.

The privatization of port and terminal handling and the advanced data transfer system gave impressive results to business management especially in the exports sector. The computerized system is also being observed in Nigeria and other countries in Africa that effectively reduces the processing time of business registrations to about 34 days.

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