Ethics in business

In the article I’ll tell you about Ethics in business. Business Ethics reflect the behavior of a Business Organization with rest of the world. It not only confines to global interaction but also to one-on-one dealing with every single customer. Business Ethics examine the moral principles and ethical problems that could arise from time to time in a business environment. Dealing with such problems is very important and must be looked into by every firm.

Ethics in business

Business Etiquette And Protocol In Pakistan

Urdu is Pakistan’s Official language and hence the most widely spoken. However, with regard to Businesses in the country, English is generally used. It is the lingua franca of the Pakistani elite and most of the Government ministries present there.

Communication and Building Relationships

–> Pakistanis prefer working with people they already know. Their relationship with people they trust is much easier to hold onto, than to develop new ones. It provides them with a strong foundation, which is necessary for having business tie-ups.

–> Third party introductions are needed in this relationship-driven culture of Pakistan.

–> Pakistanis are hospitable people and are bound to ask some personal questions in the quest of getting to know you better. If possible, its best to answer them, as they help in building a trust that is very important to have in any business related commitment. This is just as true for online business consultants as for people working in a factory.

–> They are indirect communicators. In a group meeting, Pakistanis usually speak in a circuitous fashion. Direct communication happens only with people they personally know and trust.

–> Pakistanis are known for their diplomatic talk. They will rather say ‘I will try’ than refusing the business deal right on your face. Be prepared to flatter and get flattered, as they are people who go out of their way to praise Business partners.

–> Businessmen in Pakistan like to do business in person. They view telephone numbers to be an impersonal way of maintaining Business relationships. So get to know your Business counterparts well, and make sure they earn your trust. After all, trust is THE most important thing in any relationship!

Business Meeting Etiquette

–> Business appointments are important and it is advisable to schedule your meeting late morning or afternoon.

–> Pakistanis have an open door policy during meetings. You can expect to see people walking in and out while a meeting is on. Initiation of a completely different topic by a total stranger should also not surprise you.

–> Usually Business meetings commence rarely on time and begin with enquiry about personal things like family, health etc.

–> Make sure you maintain indirect eye contact with every person in the room.

–> Actual business talk may start only after a few meetings pass by. They need the time to learn to trust you and your company.


–> Pakistanis are very good negotiators. The senior most person takes care of decisions to be made.

–> They strive for win-win outcomes and most decisions require approval from lawyers.

–> Price is the most important factor in a deal. If you plan on changing negotiators, the negotiation will start over, as Pakistanis would like the deal to be made with people and not the company they represent.

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