Environmentally Conscious Investing

In this article I’ll tell you about Environmentally Conscious Investing. The world we live in is undergoing some major transformations. And although, it may appear unlikely, almost every change on the national and international scene does have the potential to directly affect our personal and professional lives. Global recession, political unrest, terrorism, fundamentalism, and environmental challenges are some of the grave issues that have caught the attention of world leaders in recent times.

Environmentally Conscious Investing

Of the ones listed above, the task of protecting the environment is probably the biggest challenge and also the most urgent one. That’s because if we do not act fast to build a global consensus for protecting planet earth, we may have little left to call our own. There is enough empirical evidence available to substantiate claims on global warming and climate change, something that calls for fast and effective action.

As a global citizen, you may always have had that persisting urge to contribute your own towards protecting the environment. Chances are that you may already be playing your part in environment conservation by increasing your reliance on renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, and bio-fuel. But, will that be enough? Well, we certainly encourage every small contribution, but then we also expect that you contribute the max you can towards environment protection and conservation.

Now, don’t start thinking that you have to fly to the jungles of Amazon to fight the timber mafia operating there. If you are not already aware, it would be better to tell you that you can make your contributions felt even without stepping out of your home. The only thing you need to do is channel your investments towards businesses that support and promote environment protection and conservation. You will still be making normal profits on your investments, but the added advantage is that your money will be used in a way that will aid environment protection and conservation.

When you choose environmentally-conscious investing, you do a lot more than just use solar or wind power to generate electricity or use bio-fuel for your car. You contribute to global businesses that may have ongoing environment conservation projects running into millions of dollars. For example, a 220 MW power generation unit that uses solar energy will be doing a lot more good to the environment in comparison to what you may be doing in and around your home. With environmentally-conscious investing, you can ensure that projects like these get the right support they need.

Through environmentally-conscious investing, when you make your preferences felt for environment-friendly businesses, you are also telling non-compliant businesses that they need to change their ways. The collective might of environmentally-conscious investors like you provides the right motivation to other businesses to start contributing their own towards environment protection and conservation. With environmentally-conscious investing, you will thus be creating and sustaining a major transformation that will be no less significant than a revolution in environment conservation.

There are plenty of options available for environmentally-conscious investing. If you are new to this, you can start with mutual funds that meticulously follow the tenets of environmentally-conscious investing. Gradually, as you gain more information and experience, you can start investing directly in businesses that might be actively contributing towards overcoming environmental challenges.

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