Environment Consciousness

This article is about Environment Consciousness. The growing consciousness about the environment and its safety has opened up multiple avenues for investing money and restore nature in every way. The number of environment friendly investment options is much more today than it was earlier. Environment friendly investments are called as Social Funds.

Environment Consciousness

The first Social Fund found its way in the investment market way back in the 1970s on Wall Street. Eventually, the growing environmental consciousness of more and more people has made such investments extremely profitable. Now, you can go ahead and invest in environmental causes not just for the peace of your soul but also for a good deal of money. However, it is more of social consciousness that has contributed to the growth of this business. Profit is something which has followed the endeavor and added even more value to it.

Environment friendly investment does not mean that you have to open up a new business for the environmental cause. You can make such investments by simply buying a fuel efficient car or investing in solar panels. By contributing in your own way towards a greener earth, you can very well be a part of the environment friendly drive.

Going green and saving the valuable resources of Mother Earth is now being widely promoted by all reputed celebrities, be it popular film stars, respected politicians, or dynamic businessmen. People are now taking more interest in investing money in saving the planet rather than investing on stocks and mutual funds, which have contributed majorly in destroying and damaging the Earth’s natural resources.

People have started realizing that all the dollars that they have invested have contributed to situations which are exactly contradictory to their personal visions and values. According to surveys, 10% of all investments have social causes as their driving factors. Forum surveys also reveal that assets worth an amount of over $148 billion belong to 151 mutual funds which contribute towards environment conscious causes. This amount is much more than the amount of $111 billion as calculated in the year 2001. This different indicates the humble yet phenomenal success of the environment conscious investing trend.

Those who have invested in environmental causes have not been disappointed. They have received great returns on their investments. Along with the returns that have also gained a great satisfaction that their money is used for a good cause and not contributing to have a negative impact on the planet and the life that it nurtures within. Such investors have realized the true potential in environment conscious investments and how high returns they can yield out of such investments, both in terms of money and satisfaction.

However, there are people who still feel apprehensive about investing on such causes. It is advisable to start slowly by supporting small environment conscious organizations and then move on to bigger investments. It is also good to have a diversified portfolio showing more Social Funds as against Conventional Funds. Remember, if you invest on Nature today, eventually, it is you who is going to yield the positive results of your wise decision tomorrow.

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